Chapter 5

Zayn’s POV

About thirty minutes ago, Liam went out searching for a doctor to see how much longer Katy would have to stay in the hospital. Talk about MIA...really, we could have just pressed the "call nurse" button on her bed, but I guess he didn't think that all the way through.

  I am really surprised that he hasn’t come back yet. I would have expected this Louis or Harry to go and look for a nurse, and not come back for more than thirty minutes...but apparently Liam caught some of Louis and Harry's antics, or he would be back here by now.   I really wonder what happened to Daddy Direction.

Liam’s POV

As I was walking down the hall to get a doctor for Katy, I saw a little boy with brown hair at the vending machines. He looked at me and waved from his spot. As a natural response, I waved back at him. He seemed like he needed help putting his note in because he was on his tippy- toes and still couldn't reach it.

“Hey little dude, do you need any help?” I asked as I walked up to him.

“Yes please!” he said exasperatedly. He gave me his note and I put it into the slot.

“So, what’s your name?” I asked as I tried to get the machine to eat the note.

“I’m Jimmy, and you are Liam Payne. My sister loves your band, and thinks that you’re really hot!” Jimmy told me with a grin on his face.

“Really?” I asked as the machine finally took the note.

“Yeah! I want the gummy bears!” Jimmy exclaimed. I lifted him up and he pushed the correct buttons. Soon we both heard the “Clunk” of his gummy bears. After I set him ground, he opened the flap and pulled out his treat.

“Here you go Liam; I don’t like the green ones, so you can have them!” He said, pulling out the green bears.

“Thank you Jimmy.” I said taking the delicious bears. He replied “You’re welcome,” before running off. I started to walk down the halls until I found Zayn.

"What’s he doing out?" I asked myself before he turned and saw me. Once he turned, he caught my eye and waved. I ran over to him before seeing a doctor ahead of him. When I ran pass him, he turned to see where I was running to and saw the doctor. Once I reached the doctor, he turned to me and said Hello.

“Hello there is there anything that you need?”  The doctor asked me.

“Yeah, um I have a sister in here and I was wondering when she could get out, she’s already awake.” I told him.

“Ok, what is her name?” he asked me opening up an IPad.

“Katherine Horan.” I told him.

“Ok here she is. It says that once someone signs her out, she can leave. If you would like to sign her out, just go to the middle of this floor.” He says while glancing up at me time to time. At that point, Zayn had caught up to me and was standing next to me.

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