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Maggie's POV
Hi I'm Maggie (sorry if this is you name)Parkers, every boys dream (yea right) and Queen Bee of Goode High. I have chocolate brown hair and pale green eyes, but I wear contacts so they are a crystal blue. Also I have a hour glass figure that boys just love and another thing they love is my clothes today I was wearing short jeans that showed my butt and a see through crop top that showed my white bra.So as I was walking down the hall with my minions sorry I mean friends following me. When we turned the corner I saw my future boyfriend (you don't know how much I am gagging right now) Percy Jackson. Percy is the hottest guy in school with messy raven black hair that is so hot and bright sea green eyes that are even hotter, he also has a great body with a 8 pack and huge muscles, but not steroid muscles, Percy's also the captain of the Swim team he's been leading us to State Champs every year and we win all the time he holds the school record too. I walked (*cough cough* strutted *cough cough*) over to him, I placed my hand on his back and purred his name,"Hi Perrrcy." I said while I batted my eye lashes, " Go away Maggie I have a girlfriend." He said without even turning around," Oh really because I don't see her." I said as I made a looking around motion," She's real and she's coming to pick me up after school." He said getting a little angry." Fine, but after you and me can have a little fun." I said while winking Percy just rolled his eyes and walk away with his friends.
$$$$$$$$$Dance Break$$$$$$$$$$
My "friends" and I were sitting on the stairs waiting for Percy's "girlfriend" while he sat at the picnic table under the pinecone tree smirking when a black with blue Lamborgini Aventador pulled up into the school parking lot with House/electronic music playing inside stopped at the front of the schools With a California girl with honey blonde hair and a tan you can't get from a tanning bed trust me I know and perfect skin and teeth was in the driver seat with light brown aviators and an orange shirt that had the words CHB and a Pegasus underneath and a pair of short jeans not like mine they also had those rip marks that some jeans had and a pair of black converse. All the guys were staring at the girl drooling like I mean they could fill the ocean with their drool. Anyway the chick got out of the car and looked around like she was looking for someone. At this point I didn't care and looked over at were Percy should have been but wasn't there instead he was walking casually towards the blonde (nothing against blondes for the next part I am one myself) they both met in the middle and kissed eat other, I stomped up to them and ripped the blonde off Percy and screamed really loud," WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH MY BOYFRIEND YOU DUMB BLONDE!" The blonde lifted her eyebrow and you could practically see the steam coming out of her ears, but before she could say anything Percy yelled at me saying," DON'T CALL MY GIRLFRIEND A DUMB BLONDE SHE IS THE SMARTEST PERSON I HAVE EVER MET AND THE PRETTIEST." After he finished the blonde put her hand on his shoulder and you could see Percy physically calm down from her touch, while this was going on he was getting jealous stares from the guys and the blonde was getting glares from the girls including my friends and I. After Percy calmed down fully the blonde simply stated,"My names Annabeth Chase and I and Percy's girlfriend." Percy smiled that cute smile, but where he was sending it made me disgusted(I am squeezing my knuckles so hard that are turning white) "Yea right Annie he's not your boyfriend he's MY boyfriend." I said that while I pointed to myself." No she had it right I am her boyfriend." Percy said after this comment from Percy, he turned and asked Annie(plz don't kill me Annabeth )" Hey Wise girl who's car is this?" Annabeth just rolled her eyes and said," It's yours seaweed brain your dad gave you it for a thank you present I have one to but it is grey instead of blue." Percy jumped up and down like a little kid saying sweet. Percy turned towards the crowed of student showed the peace sign and shouted," Peace I am leaving here and never coming back." Percy and Annabeth both jumped into the car and drove off never to be seen again.
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