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kageyama tobio

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"she was looking for a boy who would one day be a Kingwho could slay the dragons that guarded her cave and make her remember that she was a Queen

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"she was looking for a boy
who would one day be a King
who could slay the dragons
that guarded her cave
and make her remember
that she was a Queen."



if he was the king, then you were the queen: simple.

you, (y/n), are the "queen" of the court when playing volleyball. people had described you as flawless and gifted. you were absolutely stunning on the court — always spiking the ball with all your might. you were on sports magazines and interviewed by many volleyball reporters, amazed by your beauteous play.

you were described as alluring and attractive to many, due to your long, h/c hair that was always tied up into one high ponytail. in the shade of e/c, your eyes were hypnotizing and captivating. your long legs were lean and creamy with knobby knees. you had many students come up to you with such fascination and interest, some confessing with pure and unalloyed intentions. people couldn't help but surround you and be enlightened by your presence.

your eyes always trailed the ball up in the air, waiting for the perfect moment to jump up and spike the ball down on the opponent's side. your slim arms trailed behind you as your long legs ran quickly across the court and jumped up to an incredible high height. with one arm forward and the other ready to hit the ball, you slam it down with incredible force as the ball makes contact with the floor.

loud cheering and applaud comes from the audience as you safely make it back onto the ground with your teammates surrounding you with smiles and high-fives.

you enjoy the sensation. the feeling of the ball perfectly aligning with your palm and spiking it down. the feeling of exuberance when the court is dead silent and the only thing being heard is the ball being slammed down by you. the riveting feeling of when you could feel shivers down your spine when competing against one of the strongest team.

volleyball made you feel all sorts of sensations.






and most importantly, love.

kageyama tobio, the sullen, passionate, dedicated and undeniably short-tempered volleyball prodigy, was the first person to burst through your closed walls with such ease. you were admired by his commitment and devotion to volleyball, making you fall in love with him.

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