"How to collect Brownie Points"

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Chapter 2.

“How to collect Brownie Points”

The first thing one has to understand is that collecting brownie points is done on a sliding scale. Now this sliding scale was, yes you guessed it, invented by a woman. The meaning of the sliding scale is just as the name implies, the point level that one can receive for doing a certain task is constantly moving on that sliding scale. Kind of like those grab arms at the fair that move up and across and NEVER seem to grab anything that you’re trying to get out of that stupid machine...but...oh well, okay where were we? Oh yes, the sliding scale that’s always moving, you see when any relationship is new brownie points are easier to earn and you never need that many to get out of the dog house but when you’ve been together for a while......well you get the idea.

However, you always have to stay on your toes because there are always exceptions to the rules, it’s just like that Murphy guy to come around and throw a left-handed monkey wrench into the garbage. Back to the sliding scale, like I have said, you have to stay on your toes because sometimes that sliding scale is as slippery as cat shit on a linoleum floor!

So having said that, let’s examine a few simple examples of “How to collect Brownie Points”

There are several different methods of collecting brownie points, any of which will produce outstanding results if used in the intended manner. If you haven't already noticed most examples in this book will mirror true to life scenarios which you probably already have come across in your relationship life and in the case of younger participants, scenarios of which you already have observed but don’t have an answer for.

So, after having said that and having closely observed and tracked a case study of 1000 participants over a period of 15 years, we can now safely conclude that the male species can be divided into three main categories of personalities that the female has to deal with. The male however has so many different categories of women to contend with that we lost track of how many there really are and frankly speaking would be too big of a topic to be discussed here, so I guess that must mean that women are very complex and from Venus...okay baby!

The three main categories of men that the women have to deal with are as such, there is the “shy geeky type”, then there is the “even Steven mister average” type and then there is the “I’m the Boss’ son, so I don’t have to work for my money and I’m rich” type of personality.

All three types have their own strengths and weaknesses in collecting the brownie points needed for a healthy and happy married life. One would think that the rich dude would have all the advantages but one has to remember that not all women are money hungry grabbing bottom fee...er...I mean not all women are after a guy with a fat bank account or who have access to a fat bank account.

The shy geeky type is the easiest of all types for the female to handle, this type will usually resort to sniveling, crying or just downright begging for this or that or any other females' affection. The approach that this particular type of guy has makes me sick to my stomach, I mean, come on stand up and be a man already, grow a spine! Anyhow, that’s just his way and it seems to work for him, I guess. This type of point collecting guy will work with your Cleopatra type women who have a burning desire to be catered to by whomever they meet but any guy with a bit of a backbone will have to be met with a little more of a cunning approach by the female. The shy geeky little dude lacking the physical strength or skill to collect points in any other manner have become the masters of manipulation and would climb the point chart in a hurry if it wasn't for the fact that not all women are the Cleopatra type and other women can't stand the sight of weaselly little men, especially ones that are smaller than them that they could beat up, get what I mean! So you see, even though they have found a way to collect points, their own weaselly ways is what will be their undoing.

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