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One word being the only thing one could describe you as.

Other doctors were rough, mean, rude. But you were soft. Understanding.

The Oletus Manor case had been handed down to you not too long ago, or more specifically, the people involved. The poor unfortunate souls that were loured into the mansion, promises of paradise and a life free of regrets being whispered into their ears as they stepped foot into the game. Hunter or survivor, they were scarred, they were traumatised. Males and females alike, with regrets and past traumas, all were pulled into this person's hands and were placed in this game of 'life and death'. How this person had the money and audacity to brainwash these people like that was beyond your knowledge. All you knew was that they were sick.

Now, let's begin with the obvious. Survivors.
'Survivors' were a group of people that had to outrun the 'hunters' when they were sent to a match, usually being a team of four against one 'hunter'. They were put in a field, required to decode five machines and then escape by putting in a different code in a different machine all while trying not to get hit and put in a chair that would fly you back to the manor.


'Hunters' weren't any better either. Each match getting pieces of wood thrown on their heads by the survivors and sometimes even getting shot or attacked by those who carried weapons. They were brainwashed to believe they were murderous creatures, some looking more human than others. In reality, they were all just human. Though they had implanted in their heads that they were monsters, looking like large reptilian men or spider-like humanoids. Even a child had been pulled in.

It was heartbreaking, even more when you finally found the manor and tried to get them out. They were all so scared of you and the police, all so scared of the outside world. They didn't want to leave. It was their home.

Or that's what they thought.

The first person that had befriended you was naib. It came as a surprise to most, naib being one of the manor's most stoic and rude people. Alas, when you finally went to properly meet them all, he clung onto you like a koala, crying his eyes out, begging to go 'home'. It broke you.

These people didn't know what home was.

Home was somewhere where you were supposed to feel safe, the one place you belong in where the world turns against you.

That manor was not a home, it was hell.

It took you an hour or so to calm the crying male, stroking his hair and patting his back softly the entire time.

"I'm sorry naib."
You whispered.
"You can't go home, you and all your friends are going to be staying here until you all feel better."

The male tightened his hold on you, obviously not liking what he had just heard. Alas, he had to accept that he and the others did indeed need help.

"Then, will you stay with us? At least with me?"
He cried, gripping the soft fabric of your shirt as you chuckled, patting his back once more.

"Of course, I'll stay with all of you until you're all better and then we can go get ice cream when you're all out. Sound good?"
You giggled.

The male sighed, for once finally feeling safe and content somewhere. Maybe it was in your arms that he felt that, if it was, he wasn't going to lose you.

He called out, earning a hum from you.
"Can we be friends?"

A look of shock crossed your face, naib only digging his reddening face into your shoulder as you merrily laughed.

"Of course naib! We'll be best friends!"

Best friends.

Words he never imagined someone would call him. It made him happy nonetheless, unable to stop his loudly beating heart almost as if a hunter were nearby. He held himself back though, knowing that if he started believing there was one near by then it would end with him getting protective around you, probably provoking the other doctors to do something he didn't want.

It wasn't rare after all.

Every time he freaked out when his heart sped up, he would get defensive ending with the doctors restraining him with a jacket, locking him in his room and not letting him interact with anyone until the next day.

You, however, were unaware of this.

But he'd tell you. One day.

You'd help them.

You'd free them.

And they won't ever lose you.

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