I. Beginnings

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August 21, 2016 was a sunny, normal day. The ocean breeze flowed across the sea as a moderately sized, sea green ferry made its way across the waves.

The Mother Nature is not just any regular ferry, it was one of the private ferries for New Haven, the most popular, best rated Gifted institution on the planet. The Mother Nature was making its way to Elfen Island, where New Haven is located. Elfen Island is the 'strangest island in the world', for it has a strange topography and alternating climate.

Lena Prasylova stood on the back end of the ferry, leaning against the railing, looking out at the sea.
Her red hair flowed in the sea breeze as she looked out at the waves with her icy blue eyes.

She sighed as she stared aimlessly at the sea. She held out her hand and formed a little icicle in her palm. It spun around as she turned her palm to face it towards the sea, and she fired it into the waves, watching it make a little splash as it hit the water.

She then turned her attention to a brown-haired girl with dark tan skin around her age greeting the other passengers on her left. All of the Gifted onboard were teenagers at various ages, all going to stay at New Haven. Lena didn't feel like socializing, though. Given what had happened up to this point, she accepted that she was better off alone.

She then turned to her right, and noticed a tall... really tall boy lean against the railing a couple feet away. He had light brown short hair, and wore a blue hoodie. He also gazed out into the distance, seeming to be in thought.

Lena couldn't help but feel that the guy seemed familiar, like she seen him somewhere before. However, before she could think about it any further—

"Hey!!" a female voice said cheerfully.
Lena jumped slightly as she quickly turned to her left, noticing the brown-haired girl had approached her. Up close, Lena realized she was more petite up close, shorter than her by probably an inch or two. She also had Heterochromia Iridum, which made her eyes two different colors. Her left was brown, while her right was a striking blue with a speckle of violet.
"I'm Aria!" the girl continued, "What's your name?"
Lena didn't answer, she wasn't ready to make conversation, especially not with such a pretty, sociable girl.

Aria gave her a puzzled look, looking to the side briefly.
"Um, are you... alright?" she asked, this time with a hint of nervousness.
Lena sighed and finally uttered;
"...I'm Lena."
"Woah!" Aria exclaimed, "That's a cool accent! What is it, Russian?"
Lena just nodded.
"Did you come here from Russia??" Aria asked.
Lena shook her head.
"Awh... then you come from the U.S.?"
"Cool! I come from here to, but I was born in Brazil!" Aria smiled, "By the way, I just love your hair! It's so pretty."
Lena blushed at the unexpected compliment.
"Uh, thanks..."
"You're welcome!" Aria smiled. Her eyes then wandered past Lena, and onto the boy.

"Oh. My. God," she whispered, and she grabbed Lena by the shoulders, "Do you see that guy over there??"
Lena just nodded, waiting for the conversation to end.
"That's one of the Frays, I think!" Aria said giddily, "Have you heard of them? They're Washington State's top Youth Gifted Fighters for Gifted Battling!!!! And they're coming to New Haven??"
Lena then remembered, she did see the Frays on TV once or twice. Gifted Battling is a very popular sport, and it has a Youth division. The Frays were Washington's best. From what she remembered, there were three of them. Two twin brothers and a younger sister.

"Oh my gosh, you know something?" Aria persisted, "We should say hi!"
"I don't think that's a good—" Lena started, before Aria went onto the other side of her and waved.
"Hello! Blue hoodie boy!" she smiled.
The boy looked in their direction with a perplexed look as Aria dragged Lena over to him.

"Woah, so you are one of the Fray siblings," Aria said in awe.
The boy's face went from perplexed to annoyed and he pulled his hood over his head and stuff his hands in his hoodie pocket indignantly.
Aria saw this and looked to the deck awkwardly.
Lena just kept her attention on the ocean.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you or anything," Aria said apologetically.
The boy looked at her and sighed, "No, it's fine, I suppose it's to be expected."
Aria's smile returned.
"I'm Aria!" she said, "And this is Lena!"
"Dai," the boy said simply.
Aria gasped, and Dai winged.

"Sorry, sorry, it's just... you're the one with the ice Gift," she said.
Dai groaned, "...Yep, that's me. The ice Gifted in a family of fire Gifted."
Lena's attention was caught by this.
"That's nothing to be ashamed of!" Aria said, "I think it makes you stand out!"
Dai blushed, but didn't reply.
"My Gift is water, by the way!" Aria said, and she turned to Lena, "How about you, Lena?"
Lena looked from Aria to Dai, and back again.

"Uh... both of those," she said awkwardly.
"Wait... both?" Aria asked.
Lena paused, then held out both her palms, forming an icicle in one and a water bubble in another.

Aria and Dai both stared in absolute awe.
"You're... a double Gifted," Dai said.
"Talk about special!" Aria exclaimed.
Lena dissipated both the bubble and icicle and stuffed her hands in her pockets.
"I'm not that good with water... my... parents were ice Gifted, so..." she said, forcing herself to say more than just a short sentence.
Dai and Aria looked at one another, and back at Lena.

"I'm gonna... go back to my spot," Lena said shortly after, and headed back over to her original spot on the railing, leaving two perplexed Gifted behind.

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