Chapter Un

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   *Not all Monsters do Monstrous things*-Lydia Martin.

It was late at night, just after midnight, me and my best friend were walking through the forest, which was, not far from where we live. Since Gideon came up with wacky and idiotic ideas, he thought it was a good idea for a midnight stroll. Although, I have no clue why we are walking through the forest but, one thing that I have learnt about my best friend is that never expect the ordinary but the extra-ordinary. Even though, he can be a complete nutter on times.

"Gideon? Why are we walking through the forest when we have school tomorrow?" I asked him. I was starting to become bored with this endless wandering, when I want to be in my bed safe at home. I mean you never know what could be lurking out here.

 "Well, I know our parents don't like our adventures, but I learned about a house that was burned down in middle of the forest, so I thought that we could go and check it out." He replied. What the fudge is he on?? I thought, walking in the forest is one thing but finding the older burnt down house is another. We could get into so much trouble.

 I honestly love Gideon, but he can be a fudging idiot. As we continued walking, the temperature dropped suddenly, but I didn't say anything about it. I was starting to get cold but Gid is adamant about checking this house out. Gideon was walking ahead of me, we were walking up a hill but being the clumsy person I was, I fell back down. Only me, I thought to myself.

 "Agnes!" I heard Gideon shout.

 "Gideon!" I shouted back.

I couldn't see him. Fantastic, I thought, I am lost and I don't know where I am. Futhermore, I went to check my phone. But guess what? I have lost it. Great, add that to the list of things that has gone wrong tonight. Not to mention its a school night.


After, Gideon left, I decided to try and walk home by myself before my parents find out that I am not in bed. Thanks a lot Gid, I am lost. Fantastic. Just what I need.

As, I am walking, I heard something Snap! Crack! Twigs were breaking under someone's feet. As, I turned around to find the source of the sound, felt an odd presence there! I froze. After, I froze for a couple of seconds a heavy pressure was applied to my back and I felt a bite where my my neck and shoulder met. My blood turned cold and was flowing out of the bitemark. The pain was unbearable and my should/neck was throbbing. Right now, I wish that Gideon was here with me. But no, he has left me in the middle of the woods. Great friend right there people!! I got up from the ground and as i was about to leave, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was a Werewolf shaped pendant on the ground. I went to pick it up and as I did I felt a warm sensation inside of me. The pain in the bite disappeared.

Eventually, after my scary experience in the forest, I managed to get home alive and without getting caught by my parents but I felt like killing Gideon for leaving me behind.

The pendant she found

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The pendant she found. Pretend there is a Triskele on the back of it.

AN: This is the first book i have ever written so if you have any ideas please comment below. Also what do you think Agnes so far? 

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images i put up on my story. Also do not steal Agnes or any other character i create. Also I realise the concept came from Teen Wolf but I am making this my own with my own ideas, plots and it's all OCs.

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