A Flower Pot and a Musketeer.

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Tonight will be epic!

If it ever starts. I was here at eight, just like they said but are they ready? No. I can hear Alex and Karen and Ella “getting dressed” in Ella’s room. I bet the neighbors can hear them, too. I don’t know how they understand each other ’cause their voices are way up in this ridiculous pitch and they talk and laugh over each other. Sounds like there’s twenty girls up there, but nope, just the three.

“That’s not mine is it?” I ask Ben, pulling at the sleeve of his ripped T-shirt. That red goopy stuff that’s supposed to be blood is not coming out.

Ben said, “Dunno,” which is probably the truth. I’ve lost track of the clothes I’ve forgotten here, but I wear the ones he left at my place so it really doesn’t matter I guess. I pick up a pen from the counter and flick the button on the end of it so it click, click, click, clicks in a rhythm until a roll of paper towel bounces off my head. I look in the direction it came and Jake is glaring at me.


“Cut it out,” he warns but he sounds stupid because his vampire teeth make it sound like, “Cah hi ow,” and I laugh and click the pen twice more just to piss him off before I toss the pen back on the counter beside my sign. I made my sign last night and just wore jeans and hoodie. Easiest costume ever.

Jake lost the bet so he’s the DD. Ha! He’s not the brightest. He bet me I couldn’t get a number from a random girl in the cafeteria, but then he tells Benny to pick the girl to keep me from asking someone I know. ’Course Ben went and picked Emily Waters ’cause he knows she’s in my chem class and Jake doesn’t. It took Jake a freakin’ day to figure it out and when he did he wanted out of the deal but a bet’s a bet and he lost. He should’ve known Ben’s always on my side. So Jake’s driving tonight.

The girls are taking forever. I mean, man, why does it take them that long to get ready? “Geez, go get them!” I tell Ben for the hundredth time. He rolls his eyes and grumbles something I can’t hear but finally, he heads up the stairs.

Jake asks, “Do you know what they’re wearing?”

How am I supposed to know? For girls who talk a lot they don’t tell me anything. “Nah, you?” Ella used to tell me stuff but since she’s been dating Sam, well, we just don’t get the chance to talk that much anymore. Kinda sucks, actually.

Jake shakes his head and says, “Karen just said they have matching costumes. Dumb, right?”

But then Ben comes down the stairs and right behind him are the girls.

“Grrr, fresh meat!” Jake growls like some perv. He’s checking out Karen and she’s soaking it up. They’re gross, if you ask me. It’s almost like they do it for show, you know? Like they know people are watching. Then I see Ella behind Karen and Alex.

Shit. I mean Karen’s always all done up with too much makeup and clothes that show everything but Ella wears normal clothes, like jeans or stuff for the gym. I don’t even know the last time I saw her in a dress.

I stare. I shouldn’t, but she looks awesome. Ella, I mean. Her hair is braided back with bits of it hanging out. It kinda looks messy but in a really cool way. Her dress is brown, with this white part around her, ah her, boobs and white poofy sleeves. But her shoulders are bare. And it’s short, the skirt part. Really short. She looks really good. Karen walks down the stairs with her arms out like she’s saying “Look at me!” But Ella’s kinda hanging back, pretty much hiding behind Alex on the stairs. She keeps tugging at the bottom of the dress trying to pull it down but as soon as she lets go it slides back up. I shake my head and tip it side to side to stretch my neck. Loosen up. I mean, she’s pretty and all, but it’s Ella for Pete’s sake. And then she looks right at me and turns a little bit red. Crap! She caught me staring. Look away! I look at that stupid rooster picture that’s been in this kitchen forever and ... chips! I stuff a handful of chips in my mouth. I mean, I was only staring because she looks so different all done up, not because she’s hot, ’cause, it’s Ella. It’s just weird to see her looking so ... and why am I staring?

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