➳ Epilogue

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   "Good morning," a gravelly voice whispers in my ears. The smile on my face is instant because, for the first time in a long time, it really is a good morning.

   "Morning," I drawl through my smile, squeezing his hand tighter whilst holding it against my chest. I'm never letting his hand go ever again. The cracks and bruises on his knuckles have almost healed. Something about him must be magical because he can have a deadly bruise one day and be entirely fine the next day.

   Sheets rustle when Darius leans forward to kiss me on my shoulder. My smile is if possible even wider. I turn around and put my forehead against his as my hand finds his cheek. It's chilly against my warm palm.

   He plants a kiss on the tip of my nose and a smothered, yet girly giggle escapes my lips. God, I love this guy. His right eye has a yellow-green tint to the side of it, and the cut under his eye has left a thin white line as a reminder of its prior presence, but it only makes him more attractive. Who doesn't love a soft boy with rough edges, am I right?

   We lie in bed, cuddling for another hour. It's like I woke up in a new world or something. There are no worries in my mind at this point, and all I do is focus on his hands on me and his eyes on me. I never want him to be like this with anyone else than me. If it were up to me would spend the rest of eternity lying here.

   Sometime during early noon, we get out of bed and go downstairs. We eat breakfast in peace because the others are out somewhere. It's a beautiful day, literally. The weather reflects perfectly on my mood: The sun is shining, there are a few soft clouds on the relatively blue sky. But then again, you wouldn't appreciate a clear sky if it wasn't for the clouds.

   Darius has found a place in the sun out on the patio now. I go outside to join him, and he gives me a warm smile as I sit down next to him. I'm only in a T-shirt and black sweats, and once again I underestimated how cold it is outside. The blinding sun deceived me. Darius notices me shivering and pulls me closer, enveloping me in the warmth. My body goes limp against his and he pulls me even tighter, wrapping his strong arms around me.

   I lean my head against his chest. "You know, a long time ago, I thought, this guy is going to be the death of me. And I was so annoyed at the time that you couldn't even imagine." I let out a small laugh. "But now, " I pause so I can rearrange myself to look at him. "If I were to die for you, I'm at peace with that."

   He chuckles and his lips pull up. "I would never want that for you though. I and the boys have been talking about getting out of this place for some time. I don't want this life for you or us. A life in the shadows, with secrets and lies..." He shakes his head softly.

   I stretch my neck and kiss him long and soft. When I pull out of the kiss I look into those familiar green eyes. I can't grasp the fact that I'm still staring into these eyes after three long months. I take a deep breath, gathering the energy to speak my mind.

   "I'd stay with you any day of the week, even if that's in the dark"

The end.

   The end

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