Chapter 20

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I look at my daughter and asked her if she wanted to go  to the park she was so happy then I got a call from my office telling me I had to come  to the office because of an important meeting I told her to cancel it but it was very important so I looked at my daughter she was sad thinking I was not going to the park with her but I had a better idea
I was going to my office for the important meeting and guess what yeah my princess is with me. I am taking her to my office since she is the heir to my empire and I wanted to show her where I work
When I got there people were busy staring at me and my princess, talking among themselves like who is the little girl? why is our boss smiling like that
she looks exactly like him, Is she his daughter?   
I just rolled my eyes these people can gossip I took my daughter to my private elevator and she started asking "daddy why are  they looking at me like that is anything wrong with what am wearing"
I told her "no princess you look beautiful in what you are wearing" when we got to my office I told her to sit down and wait for me while I attended the meeting. I told her that if she needed anything she should ask my assistant
I went for the boring meeting have been sitting here with different CEO trying to make an important deal some of them here are my childhood friends (Samantha and Theo) since their parent gave them their company to run they have been trying to make deals with other companies including mine
Then my daughter came running in crying
What happened dear, she was just crying and told me my assistant called her a bastard after she told her she was my daughter I looked at my assistant and told her "how dare you talk to my child like that you are fired! nobody talks to my daughter like that" she was in shock even the CEO and my friends were surprised I had a daughter. I forgot to tell them. They were just busy giving me the eye that means we have a lot to talk about. I just nodded my head at them. I told my princess to seat with me during the meeting, after the boring meeting everyone was tired and hungry and said they wanted to eat, this is what my assistant is supposed to do, to book a place for us to eat and complete the contract by signing Even the meeting was not suppose to be in my company since she forgot to do her job well more reason for her to be fired.
My daughter looked at them and said sir/ma I know of a place you can eat they have the best food ever if you all like to go it's not far from here they just smiled at her and told her to take them there
We all went in our separate cars I was just looking at my daughter she was just smiling I asked her if she and her mom go there to eat she said yes
When we got there I was amazed by the place it's very beautiful even others can't argue about the place its looks new I guess it's a new place
We sat down and was about to order when I saw who was taking our order I was in shock
Raven! she was surprised to see me, you work here?...

The way Ethan was looking at me like he wants to eat me or something I looked at Amanda she was just smiling then she hit him on his head he just looked at her
Then he started apologizing like he was supposed to tell me that I just told him that he should apologize to his daughter before he could say anything Blue came down greeting me and Amanda she even greeted her father and called him daddy
After seeing my baby calling her father ''daddy'' I was so happy but I had to go to work. Got a text from work that we had customers and just a few employees were available and he needed my help.  I told them I could not go to the park with them,
I left with Amanda telling her to drop me off since she wanted to see someone around there
She was just smiling and talking about how cute we were. I just looked at her and said "not going to happen '' why not she said pouting, come on Maddy you can't just expect me to forgive him like that after what he did to me. But that was a long time ago, just drop it okay I said angrily. Okay, whatever she said rolling her eye but just remember he is your daughter's father you will surely forgive him and maybe have sex with him she said smirking. No! It will never happen, I said, getting out of her car. You are going to have sex with him she screamed, people were staring at us, I had to walk faster into the building blushing, gosh this is so embarrassing.  I went in to see Dave he told me he needed help with the restaurant and I helped him serve since we were short of employers for now and people came from different places to check out the place so it was a very busy day as I got to the next table to ask what they wanted I was surprised to see Ethan with Blue I thought they were going to the park and now he knows I work here that is the last thing I wanted him to know he will not agree with what I am doing.
He just looked at me. "You work here?"  Yes, I work here, any problem?
you can't work here! No I mean you need to quit this job I don't want you working...

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