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"Do you take me for a fool Mr Quinn?"

"Absolutely not Mr Hale!"

Someone get this scumbag away from me.

"Then why do you think I'll just magically forget about your debt? Did you think it will be magically removed?"

"Mr Hale I'm sorry if I'm wrong but you don't need the money right now and I don't have it so why don't we make a small arrangement-"

"What arrangement?!" I raised my voice as I slammed my fist on my desk. He flinched and shut his eyes, shaking like the little chicken he was. He only acted tough in front of people he knew he could.

Weak piece of trash.

"I don't want any arrangements, I want my money. Now"

"I-I'll give you anything else you want but I don't have the money" He said holding out his hands protectively.

I crossed my arms and leaned back on my chair as I couldn't stop the smirk that was forming on my lips.

"You know what I want" I raised a challenging eyebrow.

Hopefully I'd get the right answer.

"Take her, I don't want this little whore"

Wrong. Answer.

"Mr Quinn" I said and bit my fist trying to hold in my anger. "Get the fuck out of my office before I dismember you. It will be easy considering-" I gestured towards his skinny, sick, disgusting body, "-this"

"B-but you want her! You can have her" He said, desperate to find a way out.

"What kind of father sells his own daughter for his mistakes?!" I screamed at him.

He stayed silent.

That's right you useless, dirty, filthy, sick bastard.

"If I'm such a bad father, why don't you take her and raise her better?" He suggested, "See how much of a brat she really is" He added murmuring.

"Enough! Get out of my sight" I ordered. He bowed his head like a good for nothing little piece of shit but before he could live I grabbed his neck and pinned his head to my desk.

I'll need to sanitize it later.

"Oh and Mr Quinn, don't ever talk about her this way again" I said slowly and let him go. He bowed his head looking frightened and left quickly, closing the door behind him.

How could this sick, disgusting man be the father of an angel?

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