44. Nasty Revelation

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                                    ~ Rivaah ~

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                                    ~ Rivaah ~

"Don't tell me you don't blush when Rivaah gives you surprise kisses.", I heard Ömer saying and froze.

More like surprise betrayals.

I scoffed before continuing my work. I had to make a paper presentation and send it to my professor before afternoon. Glad that I did it before due date, now all I've to do is check for any errors and then email him.

Few minutes later I noticed him keeping his MacBook down before he stretched himself on bed. It seems he does not have any work, otherwise his Sundays are mostly spent in study. He folded his arms and crossed his legs, staring at the wall in front of him. It seemed as if he is in deep thought.

I flinched realising that I was blatantly staring at him. It was a lucky stroke that he didn't caught me. Biting down on my lip, I shifted my focus on my laptop. Later a knock interrupted and Kabir called the intruder in.

"Hey, I hope I'm not disturbing you?", Tiara peeked inside, a shy and sheepish smile on her face.

"Of course not. Come in.", Kabir smiled. The rare smiles that are only reserved for his family. The smiles that can take your breath away. Unfortunately, I was never on their receiving end. Everything he did for me, was fake.

I snapped my attention away before bitter memories could poke me.

"You need anything?", His voice was gentle, unlike the venom he carries when he talks to me.

"Yup. Actually I've a science project due tomorrow. I've completed it, but I need to make a presentation on it. Can you help me?", She asked and I think he nodded because I heard her squealing and jumping on the bed. The bed I had never even sat on since we married. The bed, I thought will hold our intimate and loving memories. The bed which only saw me sleeping on a couch but may have experience many other girls on it with Kabir.

I couldn't help myself and so I discreetly stole a glance at them. Even though a bigger part of me don't give a damn, I know a smaller part does care. It does hurts. She was practically leaning on him as he made the presentation and explained her. His attention was solely focused on the screen and her, on him. There was a soft smile on her face. And I felt bad for her. I did. Although I was jealous, I do feel bad for her.

I remember our last night's conversation. After she revealed that she loves him, she also promised me that she'll win him over. I had told her to go for it because I don't care.

And then I cried in an empty bathroom. Because, who was I lying to? I do care. These feelings, they can't just vanish. They need time.

"What does Aristocratic means?", She asked leaning more close to him. He seemed indifferent.

"Uhm, Aristocratic, it's like belonging to higher rank or royalty.", He shrugged and she nodded.

"And this.", She scooted closer, keeping her hand on his forearm. "What does this means?", She asked with an innocent smile pointing at something on the screen.

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