My Story: How My Bullies Made Me Feel #StandUpToTheBullies

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I joined Wattpad in December of 2015 with what I thought was a great story, a story that I wrote when I was ten years old. I'd worked on it for months, writing it out with a piece of paper and a pen, hiding it from my family member because I didn't want them seeing it. I'd completed the story with a total of 13 chapters when one of my friends suggested that I try my hand at this cool website where I could share my story called Wattpad.

So, I joined and spent just under two months typing the story out on the Wattpad android app. I had to think of names because my characters didn't have any at the time. I came up with the names Lila and Luca because I liked those names a lot. I finished typing out, adding additional characters, descriptions and everything when I made the decision to post my story on Wattpad.

The moment I hit the 'Publish' button on February the 8th 2016, I literally freaked out. I thought that no one was going to read my story and it would just stay unread forever. But to my surprise people were actually reading, voting and commenting on my book, at the time they were all nice comments.

But as I completed my His Tiny Abused and Innocent Runt the hate comments started coming in and the bully started. At first, I tried to tell the bullies that I knew that my book had spelling mistakes, things were missing and the book had major plot holes in it but they wouldn't listen and the bullying continued.

The bullying became too much for me to handle and my mum told me to stay away from Wattpad for a while. My mum was kind enough to check my Wattpad account every now and then for me. I was only 14/15ish when the bullying began.

I spent three years offline, fearing that if I returned sooner then the bullying would start up again so I left my Wattpad account dormant for another year.

During the four years that I was offline, I fell out of love with reading and writing, I never picked up the books that I loved the most. And to fill that void I focused on finishing school. When I left school, I decided that I was going to return to Wattpad and see what happens because I'd finally fallen in love with reading and writing again. I freaked out when I logged in and saw my notifications log.

To my surprise, my first book had over one million reads, over three thousand comments and over two thousand votes. I was ecstatic to see that people really did love my book even with all the errors and plot holes it had.

My bullies made me feel worthless, like I wouldn't amount up to anything good in my life. I felt like jumping off a bridge and had suicidal thoughts. During high school, I fell into depression because of the bulling and had to see the school councilor every few days.

But then the other day, the bully started again and I almost came close to leaving Wattpad again. A user saw the comments and added one themselves saying that I shouldn't let the bullies get me, I should take their hurtful words and turn them into something positive.

So I am, I've finally found the courage to stand up to my bullies. I've grown up into young 23/24-year-old woman, I've bettered my writing and have learned two valuable things 1) bullies are cowards in disguise and 2) I was born human and I'm going to make mistakes, I wasn't born to be perfect.

I support anyone who's ever been bullied and who are now standing up to them own bullies. Because of this user's kind words, I know and am happy to be who I am. I happy to know that my first book isn't perfect and can serve as a reminder that I had bad writing as ten-year-old but at least I can actually say that I tried to write a book.

Tell me your bullying story. Did you stand up to your bully?

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