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{ Aqua POV }

Calum: hey cutie

Me: Calum beaner

Calum: the fuck are you high

Me: maybe it was only once

Calum: lmfao where are you

Me: in space why

Calum: want me to come over

Me: how are you gonna get here

Calum: a car


Me: that's bad ass

Calum: I'm on my way

{ text with Branson }

Me: hellow sexy thang

Babe: haha hello princess

Me: I'm a princess

Me: since when?

Babe: you've always been one to me

Me: since when

Me: wait I already said that

Me: reply

Me: wait did I say anything

Me: here's a reply to your text wait never since when sound better

Babe: are you ok

Me: totally

Babe: want me to come over

Me: no my friend is coming over ill be all Gucci

Babe: ur high babe

Me: my name is Aqua not Babe

Me: that is clearly your name

Babe: haha I gotta go help my parents pack

Me: tell them to meet me in space

Me: I'm from a whole nother world

Me: a different dimension

Me: you opened my eyes

Me: could you be the devil could you be an angel

Babe: ok Katy perry

Me: whet?

Babe: haha this why I love you

Me: ET phone home

Babe: bye Aqua

Me: bye sugar daddy

"Why are you smoking?" Calum said as he barged in my room

"Are you the FBI?"

"What no." Calum said taking away my joint and taking a puff for himself.

"Why are you smoking haha."

"Cause Im an adult."

"Says who?"

"Says me haha."

"Wanna know a secret?" I asked.

"What?" I said.

"I know who you like and it isn't Morgan." I said.

Calum eyes got all big, but I was too high to really give him a clear investigation.


"Leah. Duh." I said.

"Not even close babe." He smiled.

"O M G I know a guy name babe." I said.



"Your beautiful." He said.

"No I'm not I'm like beyonce sock."

"Well I like this beyonce sock." Calum said leaning in giving me a kiss.

"Why did you kiss me you work for the FBI and you could get in trouble."

"Haha I don't work for the FBI."

"Oh. Wanna see me fly." I said opening my window and standing on the platform.

"No that's not safe Aqua come back down and we can play stupid board games."

"That sounds better lets play Clue." I said pulling the game out from under my bed.

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