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"I want to remain, I want to dream more"


It has been a few days since Jeongguk, M/N and his friend arrived at M/N's house. Jeongguk has been sleeping in M/N's bed since he didn't want to be alone, most of M/N's workstation is in his bedroom so he could walk back and forth between working and taking a break next to Jeongguk. Jeongguk would only wake up to go to the toilet or to eat a bit of food, but only because M/N would tell him to other than that he would be sleeping and packed up in blankets with relaxing music being played in the background. That M/N made just for him since he couldn't sleep at all the night they got home.

M/N signed and looked back to see Jeongguk being asleep in his bed for the million times today. He was so worried, and yet it made him feel better that the younger was relaxed and was peacefully asleep in his bed. He walked over to the bed to check the youngers temperature, he didn't want the younger to either freeze or to "overcook" because of the temperature in the room. He sat down next to the younger and put his palm onto youngers forehead, he was hot. It was clear the younger had been "overcooked" by all the heat, the blankets had been collecting over the past days. "You're burning..." Jeongguk stirred in his sleep as his hand touched the burning chest area "Hyung... It's hot..." The younger opened his eyes very slowly to look into the older's eyes, his eyes showed the was sick and tired. "We need to get those blankets off you, your body is burning like it's fire" The younger couldn't really move because was so tired. M/N stood up and began to take blanket after blanket off until he only had one blanket. 

M/N quickly walk out of the room to get a wet towel to put on Jeongguk's forehead. As he got back he put the wet towel onto the other boy's forehead, and said: "How are you feeling?" "Warm... Too warm hyung" "Is there something you need or want me to do?" A pair of weak eyes gets in contact with the older as he cares his hair. "Cuddle. That's all I need" M/N signed and smiled "Sure let me save my work, and I will cuddle with you as much as you want to" M/N slowly got up and walked over to his computer to make sure that his work is saved. 

He changed into some comfy sweatpants and removed his shirt since he can't sleep with a shirt on. He then when back to his bed and under the blanket. After a second of laying down, he felt a warm body being wrapped around his own. He looked down to see Jeongguk's head being on his chest, he slowly began to play with Jeongguk's soft hair.

The room was almost silent, the only thing that was filling the air was the low music being played, their breathes and the unknown sound.

Of the two men's heartbeat, not knowing it's beating for each other... 

Yet... They're still a young boy's that have fallen in love, slowly... 


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