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This just has been revealed that the Space Venture Corporation and the Interplanetary Federation have spotted the Celestial Sea on radar stranded in a small asteroid debris field somewhere between Neptune and Uranus. The debris field was previously uncharted due to the limited sizes of the space rocks in question, the largest of which are as big around as a house. The smallest asteroids are as small as tiny boulders. Not only did the cruise ship lose its ability to communicate with Earth, it also seems to have lost engine power. However, according to the ship's blueprints, it is possible that the gravity drives are still operating on auxiliary power, meaning the ship's passengers may not be floating around in zero gravity. The discovery of the ship's location means the black ops unit known as the Black Mambas are still at least two to three weeks away. In a statement released from Space Venture HQ, the special forces unit was originally headed for Neptune Shores because they had yet to locate the Celestial Sea in the cosmos. It is not known why a unit like the Mambas are needed, obviously someone is withholding information that could reveal what kind of threat the passengers on the ship and the guests at the resort are facing. Now, the Black Mambas have been redirected to the cruise ship's newly discovered location, but it may not matter because rescue efforts might not come soon enough.

Neptune Shores

Sun Wu was the owner of the Chinese Cafe located on the main concourse across from the resort manager's office. She'd been waiting for the right moment to make her move, waiting for the chaos to die down, for the infected's to kill each other or take a swim in the giant wave pool that rolled up on the only beach in the outer solar system, unless you counted the methane seas on Saturn's moon, Titan. She had turned away the doctor and the security chief, refusing to let them inside her restaurant. She hadn't witnessed what happened to either of the two men, but after both of them fled from her storefront, she'd overheard the frenzied cries of the infected's growing into a fever pitch. Fortunately, it had been a while since the security chief had tried to bang his way into the cafe, and since then, the action outside had grown quiet.

Wu had a grandson who'd came with her to Neptune Shores, but he hadn't answered her repeated video calls to his holographic tablet. He was supposed to be in their room on level seven where all the station's crew and other employees resided. Wu wanted to leave the restaurant earlier, but she couldn't amidst the chaos. She was sixty-six and didn't like her chances if it came down to fighting her way through a hoard of sick people. And she needed to be alive if she was gong to be able to help her grandson.

Inside the walk-in closet in the back of the restaurant, she rummaged through drawers built into a cabinet in the wall. Nothing to use as a weapon. She should've known, she'd rifled through the drawers on a daily basis for the last two years since she'd came to the space station resort. A long slender object caught her eye over in the corner of the closet. A mop. She grunted in frustration. If only they allowed knives on the station. Even in a restaurant she couldn't have one. Nothing that could be used as a weapon. In the place of butcher knives and the like, she had a crafty machine that she fed the chicken and beef through, slicing the meat into whatever sizes she selected on the control panel.

"Grrr...why they no allow me to—" Wu closed her eyes, visualizing every object in her restaurant. She sighed, head hung low. There was nothing. They made sure of it.

Then she thought of the mop. The stick part was made of steel, so she couldn't snap it in half. All she could do was rip the stringy head off of it. She placed the mop head under her foot and tried to gain leverage but she couldn't break it. It was built strong, meant to last.

The mop and it's dangling strings would have to do.

Wu snatched the mop and left the closet, went to the steel curtain, peered through the rectangular slits in the metal links. To the left, she saw a pair of legs on the floor. To the right, arms stretched out, head somehow strangely hidden or missing from the body. In front of her lay a pile of corpses that were beginning to stink like rotten flesh. The smell would only get worse over time.

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