Chapter 2

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Chapter Two 

Back at the Scotts Gym building that night, I feel even more on edge than I did this morning. After that kiss, everything went severely downhill. Tony tried to get us all onto other scenes, but Trevor and I just couldn't get any of them.

We'd messed up our lines, forget our cues and worst of all, I stumbled at one point, falling flat on my face. To make it all worse, the Harringtons stayed the whole day and got to experience the whole thing.

My fall resulted in people rushing over and as Trevor was closest to me, it was him who was first to ask if I was ok.

I even got to watch the whole thing back on camera and saw it was something out of a comedy act. I literally face planted the floor. After that, Tony told us there was no hope and sent us off for the day.

Having come here straight after getting changed back into my running shorts and sweaty top and jumper, I spent a while in the actual gym before coming into the dance studio.

Sitting on the ground, I take my time putting my ballet shoes on with music playing loudly in the background before doing a few stretches. Changing the song to one I know a routine for, I get into position before starting to move with the beat of the music.

While I love ballet and have from the moment I first went to lessons, I know it isn't my strongest way of dancing. While I can get the moves and everything, with my lean and toned hour-glass figure, I know my figure isn't you're typical ballerina figure.

However, that has never stopped me from doing it. I move around the room, catching a glimpse of my reflection in the mirrored room, knowing it looked good.

Moving into my final pose, I hold it and hear my deep breathing echo around the room. Straightening and dropping my arms, I roll my shoulders before checking my watch. Still having a while left with the room, I tug the sweaty top off and chuck it towards the side of the room before sitting down to undo the ballet shoes.

Once off, I walk over to where my bag is sitting and pull out my trainers and socks. Pulling them on, along with some knee pads, I change the song while I am there before going back to the centre of the room.

Rolling my shoulders slightly, I wait for the song to get to the bit I want before I start moving in another routine I know, yet this time it is hip-hop.

I hardly even need to think as I listen to the music, letting my body go through the routine, it seems to move on its own. I smile to myself, knowing the routine is pretty complicated, yet looks amazing and a little sexy.

I see my belly button piercing catching the light a few times in the mirror as I move, reminding me of it. I've had it for that long that I tend to forget about it, yet I love it.

When the music stops, I am breathing deeply and I am once again drenched in sweat. Having finished on my knees, I slide my legs around so I am on my bum before lying back and setting my hand over my bare stomach, trying to catch my breath.

The music, which had moved onto the next song, is suddenly cut off, getting me to glance over and see Kylie now standing beside the speaker, smiling at me. She is wearing the same clothes as earlier, yet has now added a massive puffy coat over the top.

"What are you going to do if you hurt yourself one day and can't move?" She teases, getting me to give a breathless laugh, grunting as I sit up, yet lean forward to stretch, knowing if I don't do it soon I'll start to get stiff.

"Complain to you constantly," I reply in English, knowing Kylie tends to speak to me first in Spanish when she wants to practice, yet sometimes isn't in the mood, which was fine with me. I am just touched she'd even try and learn it because she knows it's my first language. "But there are always other ways of doing exercise."

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