Old Wound

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"Hello Kim. Do you miss me?" Kim stood rooted to the ground like a statue while her eyes glued to the person who is sitting on her couch at the living room.

            "Yam? What are you doing here?" Kim frowns.  She seethed with hatred when she saw the person inside her house.

            "Oh Kim, this is how you welcome your 'long — lost — lover' ? Yam makes her way to Kim who still riveted at the front door.

            "I miss you." Yam clings her arms around Kim's neck and locks her eyes with Kim's. Kim stares to Yam with her expressionless gaze.

            "How did you get here?" Kim asks coldly.


Phone Conversation

            "Hello Yam. I think I know where's your long — lost — lover." Fern said proudly.

            "Come back to Thailand and you'll see her soon." Fern ended the call.

#End of Flashback


            "Fern?" Kim repeats the name. The name sounds familiar but still she can't figure out where did she heard that name.

            "Yes, Fern. Friends of mine when we were still in Canada. Don't you remember her?" Yam confirms that to Kim.

            "It's not important Kim. Now I found you." Yam says and leans closer to kiss Kim's lips.

            "Stop it Yam." Kim pushes Yam away from her. Yam was startled with Kim's action.

 "What more do you want from me?" Kim makes her way to the kitchen and Yam follows her.

            "Kim, I know you still mad at me. I come here to ask your forgiveness. Could you please give me a chance to explain everything?" Yam pleads with her soft voice. Yam's saying makes Kim remember the old story of 7 years ago.







Kim checked her appearance for the last time. She took a glance at the mirror and combed her hair neatly.

            "You look so handsome Kim!" She praised herself when she looked at her own reflection on the mirror. She's wearing a modern fit grey tuxedo matching with white shirt inside. Just a simple one but she looked more handsome than a prince charming.

Today she gonna proposed to Yam. Yam, the first girl that caught her heart since the first day they entered one of the top university in Canada. Yam has long dark brown hair and brown sparkling eyes which make you melt when she looks at you. She is very tall and quite slim but her appearance isn't important to Kim because it was her inside which is special ; her warm big heart and her ability to cheer up anyone. Kim was of course so glad that she could win this beautiful lady's heart. She had reserved a posh restaurant for that special night. Everything was arranged properly. She wanted that night to be a memorable yet perfect night for both of them. Kim arrived at the restaurant two hours earlier than the time that had been promised. She was so nervous yet still finding the right and nice word to proposed to Yam. Two hours practising how she gonna propose to Yam, she glanced to her wristwatch and turned her gaze to a small box that contain the ring for Yam. Yam supposed to be arrived by that time. From two hours waiting turns to three hours. She kept waiting and waiting and it was almost morning. Yam never showed up.

#End of Flashback

            "What more do you want to say Yam." Kim feels hurt to remember the old story. The agony of losing the exquisite creature that was once hers.

            "I have never reject you Kim. It was....." Yam couldn't finish her words as Kim cuts her first. "What do you mean by not rejecting me?! I was like an idiot waiting for you all night long and ended up knowing that you are not even at Canada that time?! You left me without saying anything! Now when I have already moved on from your shadow, you showed up yourself in front of me?!" Kim raises her voice to Yam.

Kim never raise her voice to Yam. Kim's action just now makes Yam shocked and she starts to cry.

            "It was not my intention Kim. That night, I was all ready to meet you but then I got a call from my family saying that my father was sick. He got heart attack. I rushed back to Thailand and I was so miserable until I forgot to tell you or anybody. When I reached Thailand, I found that they only tricked me. They have arranged my engagement with a man that I'm not even know and I have no choice. I was stuck. I have to accept it. I can't disobey my Dad. I'm sorry Kim." Yam explains to Kim. Her eyes billowed with tears. Kim watch them stream slowly down her cheeks. The truth just adding more pain inside her heart. She turned her body, avoiding herself from facing Yam.

            "It came to my knowledge that you're actually wanted to proposed me. I come back a day after that to find you but our friends said that you already left Canada. I got no clue where have you gone. Everyday, I'm waiting for you at the same place where we used to go, hoping that you will come back and for 7 years I tried to find you but my effort seemed useless. You don't know how happy I was when Fern told me that she saw a person who looks like you here, in Thailand. I rushed back here just to make sure that the person is you and my return here was worth it as I find you Kim." Yam adds. Kim remains speechless for a long time.

            "Kim, could you please give me another chance? To be together with you?" Kim was startled when suddenly Yam gives her a back hug. The hug is the same warm hug that she used to feel 7 years ago.

            Kim hung her head low and released a heavy sigh. "Yam, just go back and leave me here. You are other person's fiancee and this is so wrong." Slowly Kim removes Yam's hands from her waist.

            "No Kim! All I need is you. I don't love Mario and I can't even love him. Please Kim, give another chance to our love. " Yam hugs Kim back. More tight than before.

Slowly Kim turns her body and faces Yam. "Yam, my heart doesn't belongs to you anymore and you belongs to someone else. Please Yam, leave my house." Kim said softly to Yam. The pain in Yam's heart was excruciating. It broke into pieces on hearing Kim's word just now.

            "Who's that girl Kim? Who is she?" Yam shook Kim's body as she can't accept that Kim doesn't love her anymore. Kim makes her way to the living room. Just looking at Yam only added to throbbing pain inside her.

            "Kim tell me it was untrue. You still love me right?" Yam pleads to Kim. Lumps of bitterness formed in her throat as she tried to swallow them into her churning stomach. Hundreds of questions raced through her mind.

            "Yam, you are pretty and smart. Even if you don't love your fiance, there are a lot of men outside there deserve to be with you. Our love was just an old story of us. I have my own life now and so did you. You'd better be loyal to your fiance and build your new life. Please Yam. Leave my house now." Kim opens the door for Yam, not daring to look up for Yam's eyes.

            "Fine. I'll leave now but remember Kim, my heart for you never change." Yam said in her trembling voice. She cried to much.

            "I know you still love me and I'll do everything  just to win your heart again Kim." Yam turns her body and stomps out  the house. Kim quickly closes the door and leans her back against the door.

            "Yam, this is so wrong. You belongs to someone else and I have Pie in my life. Why Yam? Why must you showed up when I've already moved on from your shadow?" Kim sinks onto her knees. She murmured softly to herself as tears welled up in her eyes. She grasps to her left chest. The old wound bleeds again.

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