Unwelcome Guest

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"Pie, are you sure you want to continue your work at the bistro?" Pie's Mom asks when she saw her daughter makes her way downstairs.

"Mom? I thought you are still at Aunty Clair's house." Pie seems surprise to know that her Mom already home. Usually Mom will spend her evening to visit her neighbours' and friends' house 'windows meeting'. Mom goes to the kitchen so do Pie.

"Why are you asking me that Mom?" Pie knew there's something bothering her Mom's mind.

 "Your father keeps complaining that now he rarely see you at home. When he get back from work, you go to work." Mom finally utters the matter to Pie.

 "Oh Mom, you know that this is the only work that I can do. We still have the weekends. I only work at night so we can spend our time during the day." Pie hugs her Mom and kisses her cheeks.

 "I understand that Pie. I'll try to talk to your Dad. He just worry about you." Mom caresses Pie's face with her loving touch. Pie is so grateful to have such a supportive mother in this world.

 "Don't worry Mom. I can take care of myself." Pie gives her assurance to Mom.

"Yeah Mom, you don't need to worry about sissy. She has someone to take care of her." Alice interrupts.

"Ouh, who's that lucky guy Pie? Why Mom doesn't know about this?" Mom asks in her teasing voice.

"My friend Mom." Pie hides the truth.

"Oh my sister, I know that he is your boyfriend. Until when you gonna hide him from us." Alice tried to reveal Pie's secret.

"Mom, I think my friend has already waiting for me outside. I'll go to work first." Pie gives her excuse and leave her Mom and annoying little sister at the kitchen.

Outside the house

            "Kimmy!" Pie sticks out her hand. As usual, Kim will take her hand and interlace their fingers together. When Pie sure that the person is really Kim, she quickly hugs Kim tightly.

            "Ouh Pie, you miss me that much huh?" Kim giggles when Pie hugs her until she feels out of breath.

            "Hmm." Pie nods her head and pouts her lips to Kim. Kim messes Pie's hair and laugh even more.

            "My girlfriend is so cute." Kim pinches Pie's cheeks lightly. "Now, lets go. You'll be late for your work." Kim adds.

            "Kimmy, where is my helmet?" Pie waits for Kim to help her to wear the helmet.

            "We don't need that Pie." Kim answers short.

            "Huh? Are you crazy Kim? You'll get the penalty you know!" Pie raises her voice a little bit.

            "Pie, could you please sometime give me the chance to finish my words." Kim shook her head to see Pie's other side. Granny manner. Kim guides Pie to her vehicle.

            "Tadaa!" Kim placed Pie's hands on the roof of her new car.

            "A car?" Pie was so surprised. Her hands wanders around to reassure her touch.

            "Yup! So you won't drench to your skin in the rain." Kim says excitedly. That makes Pie remember about her complaint to Kim when they sheltered themselves from downpour the other day. "Now, lets get in." Kim opens the door and help Pie to hop in the car.

When Kim enters the car, she helps Pie to put her seat belt. Pie feels Kim's face was so close to her. When Kim was about to get back to her position, Pie pulls Kim's head and presses her lips against Kim's lips. Kim was completely startle by Pie's action. Pie kisses Kim tenderly.

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