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it's monday morning. wonwoo sat in the principal's office again where he and mrs ayane waited for mingyu to arrive. both students were told to meet in her office for the start of the reformation, but of course, mingyu was late. it wasn't much of a surprise though, they expected nothing better of him, but they still waited for another ten minutes until they heard mingyu walk through the door.

"sorry i'm late." mingyu mumbled, ruffling his messy hair to make it look somewhat decent. it looked like the latter just rolled out of bed and drove to school. his two top buttons were left undone, his collarbones exposed and revealed his tan skin. his shirt was untucked with his usual black leather jacket draped around his shoulders.

although wonwoo wouldn't admit it, mingyu looked fucking hot.

"ah, mingyu. you finally decide to show up ten minutes after the meeting time." mrs ayane hummed, intertwining her hands together and placing them in front of her on the desk. mingyu slumped down in the seat next to wonwoo, slouching and spreading his legs wide apart. wonwoo rolled his eyes at mingyu's rude posture.

"give me a break. at least i came, didn't i?"

"well, it's a start at least." she smiled lightly at the two of them, her glasses sitting perfectly on the bridge of her nose. "you already know that wonwoo will be attempting to reform you for the next five weeks."

both boys still weren't fond of the idea, especially mingyu who sat in discomfort in the maroon cushioned chair. mrs ayane turned her attention to wonwoo who, in contrast to mingyu, sat with his leg crossed over another, crossing his arms with a blank look on his face, still managing to look friendly as ever. "wonwoo, since you're pretty much acing all subjects, not only will you be reforming mingyu, you will also be tutoring him after school."

wonwoo nodded, "what subjects should i tutor?"

"the mandatory subjects, such as english, math, science and so on. any of the optional subjects he has, you can just guide and help him wherever you can." wonwoo nodded again, typing something into his phone. mingyu heaved a bored sigh, already planning to leave the school and go paint something once he gets out of the principal's office.

the principal talked to the two boys for a few minutes (more like only wonwoo. mingyu zoned out after a few sentences and started thinking of what pizza he should order for dinner), the pair leaving the office once they were dismissed to leave.

mingyu turned to wonwoo with a piercing glare, trying to make wonwoo feel intimated. and to be honest, the other only felt uncomfortable, rather than intimated. mingyu stood in front of him with a straight face, just looking at wonwoo with a strong glare and his hands were in his pockets.

wonwoo tried to avoid eye contact but it was quite hard to. "if you're going to be hanging around me, we gotta set some rules." mingyu said as he pulled out a piece of paper with scribbled notes. he started reading from it. "first, do not hang around me when i'm with me friends or at lunch. second, you do my homework when i ask for help. third, you don't interfere when i graffiti stuff-"

"woah- woah- woah- slow down. first of all, i'm just here to do what mrs ayane told me to do, i'm not gonna be your fucking servant for the next five weeks." wonwoo argued, interrupting mingyu's list of demands. "second, why did you even make a list of rules you want me to follow? it's not like i'm happy with this either."

"well if you didn't like the idea, then why did you agree to it?" mingyu questioned wonwoo, moving away from the office incase their voices started increasing in volume, loud enough for mrs ayane to hear. "if you didn't agree, i could've just been expelled and we wouldn't have to be in this situation." he scoffs.

wonwoo pauses for a moment, not knowing what to say. why did i agree to mrs ayane's idea? he didn't even know himself why, so how was he meant to give an answer to mingyu. "i.. don't actually know why.."

mingyu was confused. "really? you agreed to something and you didn't even have a reason to agree in the first place?" wonwoo nodded. mingyu hummed, finding it strange that someone could agree to something without having a reason. maybe wonwoo was just being nice? "you are one strange guy, wonwoo."

"you say that as if you aren't the mysterious type yourself." he smirked, walking away for mingyu to follow him into one of the empty classrooms. wonwoo had a free period today, so he took that chance to know what mingyu is like and see how could start reforming him. he unlocked the door with the keys he was given by the staff, entering and straight away arranged a table for the two to work at.

he looked up at mingyu who was still standing in the doorway, as he pushed one of the chairs. "aren't you going to help?" mingyu shrugged in response.

"you never asked for me to help." mingyu replies, leaning on the side of the door and watched as wonwoo continued to push the tables and chairs so they'd have enough space.

this was going to be a long five weeks.

day one.

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