What's Happening?

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 -Chapter 4-

Evan shows me where poison class is. When I enter the class, everyone is looking at me like I didn't belong here.

"Kagome over here," Evan said.

 I walk to where he is and sit beside him. Princess Aurielle enters the class and everyone put their hands on their heart and bows. Me, I didn't do what everyone else did. I won't do that. I wouldn't respect her at all, even when I die.

Princess Aurielle is starting the class.

"Okay everyone, today we have a new wizard at this school and her name is Kagome. As many of you know that she does have a star on her hand." Oh no, she better not say I am her daughter, please don't please. I close my eyes and try to cover my ears as well, not to hear or see anything. "And she is my..." and the door just slams open. I look up and see Kris at the door.

 "Sorry about that Princess Aurielle," Kris said while smiling. He enters the room and he looks up at me and start to walk straight were I am sitting and I see there is a empty seat beside me. He sits beside me.

"Hi Kagome," Kris said with a smile.

He came so close to my face and I start to blush and didn't know if he can see my face turning red. I try to stay calm but he came up close to me and touches my cheeks,

"You got soft skin," Kris said.

OMG! No man has ever touched me and he said cute. I'm starting to get redder, dammit. I turn to the other side and talk to Evan. I don't know how to talk to him. My heart is beating to fast when he touched me.

 "Hey, don't ignore me Kagome," Kris said. He touches my hair back and forward.

"Stop," I said.

"Oh come on Kagome, I just want to talk to you, don't be so mean," Kris said.

"Stop it," I said a little louder.

"Kagome, what's wrong?" Kris said while touching my hand.

"I said stop it!" Slipping his hand off me, before I knew it. Everyone is looking at me.

"What's wrong Kagome," Princess Aurielle said. She is right in front of me.

"Ah, nothing, you can continue the lesson. Excuse me, I will be going to the restroom," I said.

 I get up from my seat and went to the door. Someone grabs my hand and I look behind me and see Princess Aurielle.

"Kagome, what is really wrong with you?" I take my hand away from her and took off. All I hear is my name over and over behind me and I just went straight down the hall.

Before I knew it, I'm outside in the garden. It is really a beautiful garden. There is all different kinds of flowers and a lot of them. While I'm walking, I hear something in the trees. I went to look what is there and but nothing.


I look around and I see no one around.


I look around more but nothing at all, who is calling me?

"Kagome, you have to call me."

"Call you? I don't know your name, so how can I?" I said with soft voice.

"Kagome, you know who I am."

I start to get scare. I couldn't find this person who is calling me.


"Dam it, who's there? I don't know you, so how can I call you?" I said

"Come on Kagome, I am inside you, you know my name when you were a child."

"No I don't know you and I never knew anyone when I was a kid," I said with scared voice.

"Kagome, it's not hard to remember me."

Wait, this person coming from my mind. This person can't be my power, can it?

"Are you my powers?" I said

"Of course Kagome, now call out to me, hurry."

 I try so hard to know my powers name. Wait, now I know my powers name. Is it um.... Ichigo, that right, that its name.

"ICHIGO," I scream. Then something happens inside my body. I couldn't control it. Everything around my body is blue. Is that my spiritual pressure? I couldn't stop it and it's out of control. I scream so loud that I couldn't stand anymore.

I feel very wobble when everything was getting out of control. I start to get very dizzy and fell down but someone caught me, before I got to see the person's face, everything turns black.

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