Author Note

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To everyone calling me out on things that this book was missing or lacked, thank you so much. To everyone who's currently getting up me and calling me such names like b**th, please stop, naming calling and bullying isn't the answer.

I also know that this book is cringy and cliche, I wrote this offline when I was ten then posted it to Wattpad when I first joined in December of 2015 and first posted this on... hold on let me check... February 8th 2016 when I was 14/15ish, I'm 23/24 (my birthday is in 9 days) now and have grown up so much.

I also realise how immature I was back then, so for that I apologize.

I know this book is cringy and cliche but it's staying right where it is because it reminds me of how bad my writing was and has prompted me to better myself as a writer.

Also, this book has an edited version, none of the original plotline has been changed nor have I added seconds or proper explanations of anything I've written in the book, I only fixed the spelling mistakes. I'm also working on rewriting the entire book and hope to publish it soon.

Hate is a strong word and if not used correctly, it can discourage authors to leave Wattpad and vow never to come back to complete the story.

This was the case for me, except I completed the book before all the hate comments started coming in. That's why I left Wattpad for so long, that and I fell out of love for writing because of the hate comments.

Now, I realise that people have a right to express their opinion, and all those hate comments have sunk into me and made me better writer. So to every user who posted a hate comment, thanks for making me better myself, thanks for making me discover who I am as a writer.

Remember, hate is a strong word and can discourage authors, so be careful how you use the word because other writers can take it seriously and become every emotional over it or do something drastic.

Thanks Neva.

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