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"What is this! Aigoo, I'm very tired!"

"Ya! Help me with my bag!"

"Will you open the door, 040328 is the password. Quick!"

"Will you wait???"

Dahyun covered her head with the pillow.

"I'm home!" Jin already came home, he's with BTS members.

"Omo!" JHope got startled when he saw Dahyun on the couch, sleeping. Others noticed her, her phone is on the floor. It rang, Jin picked it up.

"Low battery. Get your staffs, put it on the side." Jin pointed. He went to Dahyun's room and charged her phone.

"How can she be sleeping like a dead? It really reminds me of Jungkook." Namjoon laughed.

"Isn't this what she's wearing from yesterday when Jin called her?" JHope asked.

"Maybe, it doesn't look like a pajamas right?" Suga said coldly.

Dahyun moved and slowly opened her eyes. She looked around.

"What the--" She got up from the couch.

"Rise and shine." Jimin said.

"Y-you're all here. Wh-what? What time is it?"

"It's 1 pm." Jungkook answered.

"Oh, shoot."

"Why? Do you have schedules on the first day of 2020?" Namjoon asked.

"U-uh, no. None."

"This phone keeps ringing!" They heard from upstairs. Dahyun ran going to her room and saw Jin with her phone.


"Dahyun." She yanked her phone from him.

"You're awake."

"I didn't know you're gonna be back soon."

"Well, we wanted to be here in Korea for the first day of the year."

"Oh, you can go with them then. I'll stay here, I'll be going somewhere else later."


"Just to TWICE."

"Okay. I'll prepare something to eat, take a shower. You doesn't look like you change clothes since yesterday."

"Oh, yeah I didn't. I'm just very tired." Dahyun grinned.

"Go change." Jin left her room. She checked her phone, she received a lot of calls and messages from Jungkook.


Dahyun took a shower and changed her clothes. She's wearing tracksuits going out of her room.

"Going out with that?" Jin asked.

"Yeah, gonna have an afternoon jog going to the dorm." She smiled.

"Oh, nice."

"I'll be going now." Dahyun excused and left. Jungkook messaged her.

"Are you really going to your dorm?"

"I guess. I don't know any excuses because I'll be out of place there, I didn't know all of you will be with Jin oppa."

"I'll go with you."

"I'll just buy something." Jimin excused and left the house. Jungkook looked outside the window, he saw Jimin approaching Dahyun.


"Dahyun!" Jimin ran to her and she turned around.

"Sunbae, hi."

"Hello, I'll be going to buy something. Let's go for a walk together where you're going?" Dahyun nodded and they walked going away from the house. "You don't want to ride a taxi going there?"

"Ah, no. It's fine, I can walk." Dahyun chuckled awkwardly. She didn't want to talk, she doesn't have a choice but to go to TWICE dorm. "Ah, what are you going to buy? Where?" She asked.

Jimin stopped.

"Sorry, I'm not really going to buy something."


"Dahyun, sorry. I tried keeping my feelings for you, I know I told you to get back with Jungkook because I could really feel that he wanted it too. You want it, but things doesn't work out everytime. I've been through something, I wanted to be loved by everyone. I tried doing my best, but not to the point they'll scare me on something."

"What do you mean, sunbae?" He shook his head.

"Sometimes I'm thinking of settling my life. Settling it with someone, like getting married, getting away from everything. Turning away from what I've started and finishing it all, but I don't have someone to do it." Jimin held her hand.

"You don't know what you're saying sunbaenim, you're just tired maybe from your trip... The jingle ball." Dahyun removed her hand from him.

"I'm sorry, Dahyun. Sorry." Jimin turned around and walked away.

"S-sunbae." She said but he didn't listen.

"Hey." She turned around, it's Jungkook.

"Sorry, I'll be going to the dorm for real." Dahyun excused, Jungkook held her wrist.

"I saw what Jimin hyung did, I understand because he doesn't know we're back together. What's wrong?"


They went to Jin's restaurant.

"Of all places. Jin oppa is monitoring the cctv around, he'll get us."

"Hmm." Jungkook nodded and sipped through his banana milk. "Let's tell everyone. I saw Momo and Heechul sunbaenim's news. They're dating? First couple of year 2020." Dahyun nodded.

"When it was rumored from last year, SM and JYP denied the issue because they do not want to follow after Jisoo eonni's news of dating Daniel. They waited for the right time, when the both of them are ready to tell everyone about it."

"How about us?"

"Not now, is there a problem with Jimin sunbaenim?"

"Why? What is it?" Jungkook asked.

"Don't get mad at him, he's been telling me to settle his life. Get married and end everything, I don't understand why he's telling me that."

"To you???"

"Not exactly to me, you okay? I like Jimin sunbaenim as a friend, why do you think I dated you over them who confessed to me?"

"I know, I know. Well..." Jungkook sighed. "We heard something when we're in LA. People ask if BTS members are gay, it's crazy. Of course we said no, the reason behind why they're asking that is because there's this singer also a british singer guy who likes, or loves Jimin hyung so much. He had plastic surgery to look like Jimin hyung."

"A gay? Does he look like him now???" Jungkook shrugged.

"Jimin hyung is lucky, he's not a stalker but he literally married a cardboard Park Jimin, just to show how much he loves him."

"What???" Dahyun covered her lips in shock.

"Jimin hyung's reaction, he doesn't know if he'll be happy about knowing that someone could really do such a thing. Maybe that's why he told you he wants to settle."

"Wah, Josh isn't like that."


"Nayeon eonni's stalker, he cleared things that he love eonni. He wants her, JYP is making an action about it. It's really frightening."

"Really... They're not just fans, it's more than that."

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