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four hours later

Blake was still emptying IV fluid bags and drinking tons of fluids, which told us that she was still majorly dehydrated.

But thankfully, her rashes and throwing up we're slowly improving, so Calum didn't see a need in getting gynecology involved.

But she was miserable.

Currently, we were watching her and Morgan discuss the plans- Blake had already privately discussed whether or not she wanted me to adopt her with Morgan, which was a solid yes, thankfully.

But Blake was in pain, tired and moody.

Three things that were all building up slowly, and I watched her get more and more grumpy as Morgan continually talked to her, waking her up when she had fallen asleep even.

"Maybe we should continue this in the morning- it's almost sunset" I mumbled out, seeing Blake send me a thankful look.

"I only have a few more papers and I can officially hand her over, it'll save me another trip over here if I finish this tonight." She didn't even ask if it was okay to stay longer.

An hour later she was still going over papers.

Luke, Cal and Ash had joined us- and they were also annoyed by her not wanting to simply come back tomorrow.

But I could tell, Blake was seconds away from tripping out on everyone.

I was sitting in the bed with her, trying to distract her with the tv, but Morgan continually interrupted her relaxing time with an unneeded question.

"Morgan, how much more? She's on a lot of
Medicines, she needs sleep." Calum soon spoke for all of us.

"I just need signatures" she grinned

After Blake and I lazily signed multiple papers,
I was given a file with a lot of Blake's information, her birth certificate, social security card and steps to take after this

But I wasn't worried about anything but getting Morgan out.

As I rushed Morgan out the door, she spoke a simple "I'll be back in a month to check in and then you won't have to see me again" right before I shut the door in her face, exhaling.

I turned back to her, seeing her sitting up- her tired and miserable face giving me the smallest smile.

"Thank you" she spoke to me quietly, making me smile as I moved to her.

"Don't thank me."

Within minutes of everyone relaxing, sitting down and focusing to the tv, Blake had fallen asleep, which I was thankful for.

I covered her body, exhaling as I turned to the guys

"So how's it feel?" Ashton grinned

"How's what feel?"

"The dad life"

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