Chapter 1: Stefan Campbell

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Today is the day I'm finally getting released from this hell hole. Locked for a crime I didn't commit. Five years in prison. And you know what I want more than a good meal?

Fucking Revenge!


I was waiting in line at the bank. It was a normal day, then out of nowhere, two men entered the bank with skull masks and that's when all hell broke loose.

I know that in these situations is best to not scream or run, but the people here did the opposite and got killed in the process. Three more men entered the bank and between them, they robbed it.

"They hit the emergency button, we need to leave!" One of the masked men said to the others.

"You, start walking and get us out of here or you will die." He told me while pointing a gun at my head.

I sighed and we made it to the parking lot, a guy was about to enter his car, when one of the mask men knocked him out and shoved me to the front seat.

I started to drive, I didn't want to die at the age of 25. I mean I had it all, money, my dream job. I was dating a nice girl who I was crazy about. And all was lost because I wanted to get money out so I could take my girlfriend on a trip to celebrate her birthday.

My mother told me to wait for another day, I didn't listen to her. She said she had a funny feeling but I thought she was being paranoid. But like they always say, trust your guts. Deep down I knew I should've listened. But I wanted to surprise my girl.

"Not to be rude or anything, but why am I here, you could've easily got in the front and drive." I said to them. Yeah bold part on me.

"because you are going to drop us outside of the city and we didn't want our car to be recognized." He answered.

Why do I get myself in stupid situations. I swear if I make it out alive, I'm killing all their asses.

"Man is hot." The man in the front said as he took off his mask and his jacket. I noticed he had an eagle tattoo on his arm.

Won't be hard to hunt all your asses. Some robbers are smart and some are dumb, I'm dealing with the dumb ones. If it wasn't cause they're all armed, I would've beat the crap out of them.

Two hours later, they told me to park the car. I didn't see anything, it was all deserted.

"Goodnight, rich boy." Another mask man said and after that I was out cold.

By the time I woke up, I was surrounded by police cars. It didn't matter what I said, in the footage, it looks like I'm there waiting for them to strike and then lead them out. That's what I get for not acting crazy.

*End of flashback*

"Campbell, you're free to go." One of the police officers told me.

I grabbed my stuff and got the hell away from there.

I walked outside and was met by my family. It was just my parents and my ten year old sister.

"Big brother." She hugged me really tight.

"Luna, you're so big." I hugged her back as I cried. She was so little when I was locked.

Mom couldn't get pregnant after me. One night she was walking to the store and she spotted a two year old alone. Mom searched for her parents but no sign. She took her to the police station and reported her as a lost child. After two months, an adoption agency contacted mom and told her that Luna was up for adoption. She told us the situation and we were all aboard.

"Mom, dad. I'm sorry." I hugged them as they hugged me back. And we cried.

"You have nothing to be sorry about. You just got caught in the crossfire." Dad told me.

"Let's go home." Mom added. I nodded. Although I do have my own house, I really wanted to spend time with my family.

When you're locked up, you miss your family. And we sometimes take them for granted.

Once we reached the house I went to my old bedroom and plopped on the bed, within minutes I fell asleep. Sweet bed how much I've missed you.


I woke up a few hours later, when I went to the living room, I saw Clarice. My ex.

"What are you doing here?" I questioned her with crossed arms.

"Damn, babe. You weren't this big and fit when you got arrested. I've got to say, those tattoos look so hot on you." She said before biting her bottom lip.

I was only in my sweatpants. In prison I got 3 tattoos. A dragon on my back, a wolf on my left arm, a serpent on my right arm.

When you're in prison you got time to workout and bulk up. And I got stronger. I have one goal in my mind and that's taking down all those skull masked men.

"You didn't visit me in prison. It's all clear now, you only wanted my money. Now that I'm free, you want me back. Well guess what? I don't now leave!"

"That's not true, I love you. And as for the prison, my parents forbid me to see you." She said in the most fake way.

"Well, it's funny, cause one of my best friend told me that you moved on pretty fast. I was waiting to see if you would confess. Good riddance. Now get away from here and don't come near me. I'm not the same guy you met five years ago. I won't mind getting my hands on you and snapping your neck."

"Fuck you, and just so you know, Luis, is better in bed than you." With that said, she left.

I'm filled with anger and I won't rest till I take out all those mask men. I want revenge.

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