Chapter 2

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Lisa's POV

"Lisayaah, let's have lunch together" Taehyung said while approaching me.

"Ok Tae, Jisoo unnie c'mon" I said .

The three of us walk towards the cafeteria.
We take a seat then Jisoo unnie ordered our foods.

"So, when will you take a move to my sister?" Taehyung ask me.

"I am nervous Tae" I said.

"Well some of guys are courting her already, look" he said while pointing to the guys in the table where Jennie and her friends are sitting.

"See?, they're not afraid to be rejected" Taehyung said while shaking his head.

"Jennie, can I court you?" the guy ask.

"Dude, go away she's mine" the other guy said.

"Oh c'mon she's mine" the third guy said.

"CAN YOU THREE SHUT UP, AND GO AWAY" Jennie yelled to the guys.

"Sorry Jen" the three guys said then walk out.

"Tae im scared" i said to Taehyung.

"C'mon, i'll introduce you to the squad" he said then drag me.

"No tae"

"Aishhh come on"

"Hi guys, meet Lisa" he said to Jennie's friends.

"Hi Lisa, nice to meet you, Im Tzuyu" Tzuyu said smiling.

"Im Sana,"

"Im Nayeon"

"Bae Joohyun, you can call me Irene"

"Park Chaeyoung""

" Kang Seulgi"

They introduced their selves to me, and me and Taehyung take a seat.

"You're cute Lisayah" Tzuyu said.

"Yahh Tzuyu stop flirting, you will be dead later, just eat your food" Nayeon said. Tzuyu stick her tounge out then continue to eat.

"Jen, why so quite?" Taehyung ask Jennie.

"Can you just shut up oppa" she said while rolling her eyes.

"Easy girl" Taehyung said nervously.

"So Lisayah, do you like someone?" Irene ask me. They avert their attention to me.

"Uhh.......well.... y-yes" I said.

"Who?" she ask me.

"It's a secret unnie"

"Oh c'mon, spill it Lisayah" Momo whine.

"Im nervous Mo~" Someone cut me off.

"Yahh why did you two leave me there" Jisoo unnie said.

"Uh sorry unnie" i said.

"Hi Jisooyahh" Chaeyoung said smiling.

"Hello Chipmunk" Jisoo unnie said smiling widely.


"Let's go guys" Seulgi said. All of us stand up and leave.

"Unnie, do you like Park Chaeyoung?" I whispered to Jisoo unnie.

"Yahh, she's just a friend, what are you talking about?" she whispered back.

"Let's just go unnie" i said giggling.

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