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  ASHLEY MOYER WAS an open book. She was quick to fall in love, too quick in most cases. She hurt easily, and deeply. Ashley wanted to be a reader, but anytime she tried she'd get stuck on the third or fifth page, her attention drifting everywhere but the story. She liked cherry lip balm and cinnamon gum and silk pajama pants.

  Ashley Moyer had dated a large pool of people by her sixth year. This list included, but was not limited to; Malcolm Jenns, Adrian Pucey, Sirius Black, Evan Rosier, Mary MacDonald, Marlene McKinnon, Cole Hughes, and Jude Lewis.

  So, naturally, most people saw Ashley as a slag.

  And, yeah, she'd hopped into bed with nearly all of them (strangely enough, it was Sirius Black who'd declined this offer after seeing how hollow Ashley could become), but that didn't make her a slag, right?

  She thought that's what love was.

  Then again, when seventh year comes, Ashley is hit with one, world-rocking revelation; she'd never been in love. Hungry for love and the real definition of it, loving others, but to be in love, that emotion must be reciprocated in the highest fashion.

  And no one, in the whole wide world, had loved Ashley Moyer.

  Except, maybe, her best friend, Remus John Lupin.

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