Chapter 8: School Drama! Part 4

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            Mr. Sanders looks at Kylie. "You may be new here Kylie. But Jakobe and Finn know that I don't tolerate violence in my school. And I also don't accept people who get in the middle of fights." He glares at Kylie informing her of the schools' strict no-violence policy. She looks at Finn and Jakobe not knowing what to do. By Jakobe and Finn's face, they have no clue what to do either. This principal was different than her principal in West Virginia. This one was short and chubby. But he wasn't friendly and chipper. His stare was so intense it could burst something up into flames. She had no clue how Finn and Jakobe and herself were going to get out of this. They can't get suspended again. That'll be the last chance for Finn to graduate. He's already a year behind, if he doesn't graduate now, then he won't be able to join the Police Training Academy. M. Sanders looks at Finn, Jakobe, and Kylie. "So is someone going to tell me what is going on. Or will I have to suspend your entire table." Kaylee shrieks. "You can't do that!" Mr. Sanders looks at her. "Yes, I can do that. You guys are creating a scene in front of the school and were starting a fight. I can suspend whoever I want." Mr. Sanders says staring at Kaylee. Mr. Sanders' phone rings. He glares at the culprits of the fight and walks away.

             Kylie looks at Finn and Jakobe. She motions them to lean toward her. They both lean close to Kylie. She takes a deep breath hoping her ridiculous idea will help them out of detention. "We were rehearsing a play I wrote. Finn is my boyfriend and Jakobe was trying to steal me away. That's why you guys were fighting. That's what we will tell Mr. Sanders." She finishes in a rush. Jakobe looks confused. "Ummmm. Okay. This is going to be interesting." He says worriedly. Finn nods. "Well, I know Kylie can act. I can somewhat act." Finn says. Jakobe looks at Finn and rolls his eyes. "Yes. If you want to know. I've had some acting classes while I was younger." He says angrily. Kylie places her hands between them from actually starting a fight. Mr. Sanders walks away and argues with someone on his phone. Jakobe watches him as he walks away. "But what if he makes us show him some of the play?" Kylie shrugs. "Then we show him. I'll say I'm still working on it and it's not finished." Finn looks at her encouraging. "It'll be easy acting like your boyfriend." He says smiling at her Kylie blushes. And she looks at her brother, Brian, and Kaylee. Then back to Finn and Jakobe. "You guys can channel your hatred toward eachother. But don't channel too much. You can't start an actual fight." Jakobe cringes. "But what if he makes us kiss. No offense, but I don't want to kiss you." Jakobe looks at Kylie. "But I know he would like to kiss you though." Jakobe points at Finn. Kylie shakes her head. "He won't make us do that. And there's a trick in theatre where you place your hands on each sides of some ones cheeks and place your thumbs over their lips and kiss your thumbs. That way it kind of looks like you are kissing them, but you aren't." Kylie informs them. Kylie and Finn look at eachother shyly. Jakobe looks at them and rolls his eyes. "You know she has a boyfriend Finn." Jakobe says angrily. Finn and Kylie both look at Jakobe. "I know she does. We are just friends." Jakobe rolls his eyes. He mumbles under his breath. "But you still are trying to take her away from him. And she's letting you." He rolls his eyes again. Kylie vaguely hears him. Her mouth drops open shocked that Jakobe thinks that about her. Finn rolls his eyes at Jakobe too. "I'm not stealing her away from Jacob. And she's not letting me." He looks away from Jakobe trying to not let his anger get to him. He looks at Kylie. "I know you have a boyfriend who loves you and I should stay away from you for a while. In a way I think Jakobe is right." Kylie looks at him upset. "NO. You don't have to do that." She turns around and looks toward Mr. Sanders, who is walking back toward them. "And besides, I think Jacob is hiding something from me. But I'm pretty sure my brother already told you that." She blurts out. Finn starts to ask her what it is. But he sees Jakobe glaring at him. Kylie looks up at Jakobe and mouths "CHILL." As she puts her hand up to him to stop. Jakobe releases his clenched fists when he realizes Mr. Sanders is approaching them. 

                     "Explain before the next lunch." Mr. Sanders demands, motioning around him. Kylie looks around her. She almost forgot people were still in the cafeteria. All the chaos seemed to distract her from the talking and gossip. Finn and Jakobe look around them too. They notice everyone is gawking at them like they were watching a soap opera. Kylie clears her throat, forgetting everyone may have heard what she and Finn said to each other. If Jakobe did. A few other people could have to. A snobby girl says. "Wait. Finn's not her boyfriend." She rolls her eyes. She looks at Finn and sees his face redden. And Finn thinks he heard a jock say that he thought he and Kylie were dating. Kylie looks at her brother. He looks disappointed and a little mad. Probably because Nicholas and Jacob are good friends and he doesn't like the comments he heard. She shifts her glance back to the principal. "You three come with me so we can discuss terms of suspension." Brian bravely speaks up. "But they weren't fighting before Mr. Sanders." The stern principal looks at them. "Uh-huh." Kylie nods. "We were going over a play I wrote. It's a terrible first draft." She says to Mr. Sanders. She points to Finn. "He is my boyfriend in it and Jakobe is trying to steal me away. You saw the fight scene in the play." Mr. Sanders looks at the three of them. "Uh-huh." Clearly not believing them." His stomach protrudes out as he rocks back and forth on his toes. He stops and looks at Kylie. "So if you have at least a few scenes finished. You can perform them for the talent show when we come back from break. Meanwhile, you can show Mrs.Francis and Ms. Darbus at least one of the scenes tomorrow during Talent Show sign-ups." Kylie looks at Mr. Sanders. Finn looks at Kylie worried. "But we don't have time to prepare. And her play isn't finished. And we don't have costumes or anything." Jakobe speaks up. Mr. Sanders' expression changes. "Actually. I want you guys to show me now during the second lunch." He points at the stage across the other side of the cafeteria. Jakobe grunts as Kylie lets out a whimper. "Unless you all want detention or get suspended?" He challenges them. Finn waves his hands at the principal. "No. No. We'll do it. But I think Jakobe will need an excuse to get out of Study Hall." He looks at Kylie. Kylie speaks up. "I don't need one. I have a free period too." Mr. Sanders nods. "I suppose. Let us go get your note Jakobe." Mr. Sanders walks off. Jakobe nods at Finn. Finn nods back as Jakobe runs to catch up with Mr. Sanders. Finn looks at Kylie. "Well, this will be interesting." Kylie's chest tightens. She inhales. "Yeah. And not in a good way." Finn takes her hand. She looks at his hand intertwined with hers. She exhales feeling a little relieved. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't be doing that." He lets go of her hand. Kylie nods a little upset. Holding his hand helped her feel stronger. 

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