When we arrived, we were immediately put in dark setting, with two large doors at each end one was blue, the other green, an odd looking green pool of water in the center, and a set of stairs that what seem to lead somewhere else. But I knew without a doubt we were in The Underworld.

"Those stairs lead to the coliseum...we don't need to be there yet," Ashtcher said flatly then quickly fell silent again. We then heard these raspy, yet annoying voices arguing.

"Oh no we broke the trophy..." a frantic voice said.

"Na Uh, you did, i just watched."

"Hades will have our heads when he finds out." we looked over seeing to little odd looking monsters, a skinny green one with pointy ears and a deep pink plump round one, arguing.

"You mean if he finds out.."

"If..if is good."

Then they looked over at us when we approached them. They looked over at me, then Ashtcher.

"Hey hey hey," the green one started. "I-it's Ashtcher."

"Well look who's come back."

"Pain. Panic." Ashtcher greeted annoyed.

"oooh won't Hades be interested in knowing that you're back." Panic said.

"I'm not, I'm just here with her....this is her mission."

Panic turned to me, "Who are you?"

"My name is-" I started to say until I was interrupted.

"Ayame!" I looked over to see a blue man with hair of blue fire, wearing a long black Greek toga. It was long, with tattered ends. Because of how long it was it seemed to make him appear to be gliding across the ground as he walked. "I've been looking forward to meeting you, I heard you were coming."

This must have been Hades, even though he spoke in a jokingly, humorous, yet condescending manor, I felt that it shouldn't be taken lightly.

"Hades?" I said.

"The one and only babez," then his eyes settled on Ashtcher. "Well looky here fellas, the wanna be champ, come to prove yourself lover boy?"

I looked at Ashtcher confused, "Not on my soul," he answered.

"Hmph," Hades chuckled ironically then continued. "Suit yourself, but it doesn't matter," Hades said as he made his way over to me and put his arm around my shoulder. "I think doll face here will be a far better candidate anyways, from what Xemnas tells me she's special. And far more powerful unlike you, who needed the help of me and the underworld.

Ashtcher clenched his fists, "You know I'm extremely powerful in the underworld cause I won the cup! Want me to fight her so I can pro e it."

"You can play games and have fun later, Ayame and I have business to discuss, but for the mean time, Hades stepped in front of me, "Look around all you like, go exploring, even go out to Thebes if you like, I don't care, just make sure you come back alright doll face. And Ashtcher you'll be staying in the same room you were last time."

Ashtcher just glared at him clenching his fists then turned to walk through a door.

"But before you go," Hades started. "I'd like to introduce you to a few friends of mine," he said as he led me through one of the massive doors.

From the constant turning of corners, and long corridors, we finally reached a massive door made of rock. "Ayame these guys will become your best friends quicker than I can say wonder boy, meet," Hades said as he opened the door. "The Titans."

I felt my eyes go wide in amazement at what I saw, "Wow..."

"Pretty gruesome huh? They could run through a city like water!"

"So..what are they for?"

He laughed, "They Ayame, are going to help you accomplish my little plan, destroy Thebes, Olympus, and no use of the coliseum it's just beginning repairs so it's still pretty mangled...." he trailed off.


"And bring me that annoying, oh so godly, persistent, always in the way wonder boy Hercules!" as he talked his voice raised a little and his hair flew a little with sparks. "You bring him to me and let me handle the rest,,,he can't handle the underworld too long...it weakens him...I will make sure he suffers."

"What do I get out of this?" I asked.

He chuckled, "I like you, forward and straight to the point, you remind me of little nut Meg, but your better...What do you want? Power? I can give you that. Justice? I can do that too."

Hmm...no I have enough power...and I like to earn justice myself....but how will the underworld effect me and my abilities?"

"It depends...you have power of darkness yes? You should be fine...but just to uphold your abilities..or perhaps make them stronger I may know of something for you. But the Olympians have it...the olympus stone...so when you get Hercules you can get that or snatch it off him before you bring it to me."

"Alright," if it was true what Ashtcher said I refused to be diminished if I ended up fighting him here for some reason....I wasn't going to take that chance....especially with all the hostility he's been shooting towards me later.

I left to go find Ashtcher, he was in the room he'd be sleeping in while we were here. "Hey, Ashtcher?"


"I was about to go explore The Underworld a bit more, and go explore the city, wanna come? I could use the company, you know more about this place than me." I was trying to reach out to him, hoping we could have a truce, bury the hatchet or whatever it was....even though he was the one who had the problem with me.

"No...I'm fine....just wanna be left alone," he turned over to lay on the bed on his side.

I looked at him only seconds longer before stepping back and closing the door and heading up the stairs that lead to the supposed damaged coliseum to go out to Thebes.

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