chapter 1

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Chapter 1

I awoke to the sound of the front door slamming, 'moms left for work' I thought to myself. I stretched my arms up, satisfied when I heard them crack, and sat up, rubbing my eyes.

"Come on Bloss!!! Get up!" Dimitri called from outside my room. And yes he called me Bloss. Mom and dad were into plants when I was born so my name's Blossom. That's why my room was decorated like it was. "GET UP!" He shouted again and then I heard him walk down the hall to his room.

I through the covers of me, shivering as the cold, morning air hit my bare arms and legs, 'I need to start wearing more than a top to bed' I thought to myself as I ran for the bathroom. I turned the shower on, humming quietly to myself. I turned to look in the mirror, and frowned as I saw I had bad bed hair. My auburn hair stuck out in different directions, that was the only down side to having my hair cut, it used to be down to my hips, but I had it cut just bellow my shoulders. It looked nice but went horrible of a morning.

My skin was quite pale, I got it of my dad's side, mom was quite tan. I was tall compared to some of my friends at 5"3. I was quite skinny still, and luckily had my dad's green eyes. I loved my eyes. They were the only things that I was very happy to have. They were a deep green with a ring around then and black flicks in them. They framed by black eyelashes, I just wished they were longer and slightly thicker. My lips were a pale pink and the perfect shape to go with my face. My cheekbones were defined, as was collar bone, not something I was proud of. . .

I shook my head to forget about it. As I looked back at the mirror I noticed it had steamed up. I took of my top and jumped into the boiling shower.

I ran to my room, wet feet hitting again the wood. When I reached my room I slammed my door and ran to my wardrobe. I got my underwear out and quickly put it on, I was freezing. I started to search through my wardrobe to find something that would keep me relatively warm on this winter day. I got out my black woollen tights that had dark grey circles on them,  I looked in my drawers and found my black  shorts, I smiled and quickly put them on, I looked in my other drawer and found what I was looking for. I put my long sleeve black top in first, and then had my brothers old chequered work shirt, it was the same sort of green as my eyes, and had the checkers in black; I left the buttons undone but rolled up my sleeves. I then got my wooden bangles and handmade bracelets on that my uncle had made me for my birthday, I also but my long gold necklace on with a wooden charm on the end of it on. I looked under my bed and found my boots, they came just above my ankle, were a scuffed dark brown colour, had laces at the front and had no heel. When they were done up I went over to my mirror and started to curl my hair, it was wavy normally but I liked parts of it curly. I straightened my fringe n then started to flick my hair and head bang so it went wild, I smiled to myself and applied some eyeliner. When I was done I turned and picked up my bag pack. It was the same brown leather that was on my shoes. It didn't go with my uniform well, but I loved it.

I ran down the stairs smiling, I gave Dim a kiss on the cheek when I walked in and then grabbed a croissant and sat down at the table.

"Why are you in your own clothes? You have school today!" Dim said as he turned around.

"It's mufti today! I can wear what I want to school. Everyone can." I replied back. Sticking my tongue out at him and then eating my breakfast.

"Shouldn't you be wearing something more.... I don't no.. "

"Modern?" I said for him and rolled my eyes.

"I didn't mean it like that Bloss I-"He said. But I cut him off.

"No! You meant that I dress weird, different. Well I like the way I dress so stuff off!" I shouted, grabbing my bag. I picked up my phone and keys from off the side and slid my black gloves and scarf on and slammed the door as I walked out. Okay, so maybe I over-react sometimes, but I always get commented on by the way I dress. I can't be bothered with them anymore.

I started walking to school, in the fresh, white, clean blanket of snow. I could hear the soft crunch of the snow under my boots, could hear the trees creaking in the harsh winter wind.  I saw little primary school outside playing with their friends, with their parents... They all looked so happy, care free, so young. I do wish I still had that sometimes. But as a child I preferred drawing and painting rather than going out and playing with my friends.

"You're pretty," I heard a little voice say from next to me. I looked down and saw a very cute little girl. She was wearing her big pink winter coat with a white hat and gloves on, you could see her blonde piggy tails and her bright blue eyes. She was smiling sweetly up at me.

"um. Thankyou." I said, shocked by the compliment and the confidence of this little girl.

"What's your name? Mine's Madison!" The girl said, sounding very excited, and almost bouncing up and down on the spot.

"My name's Blossom." I said with a smile, bending down to her height. "Where's your mom?" I asked.

"That's a really pretty name!!! And she's inside with daddy, they said I could come outside and play!" She said, still looking very happy, "Want to play with me?" She asked grabbing my hand.

"Sorry Madison, I have to go to school, maybe later?" I said and stood up straight and her face now looked sad.

"Ok, bye Blossom." She said waving and walking back to her house. I sighed and walked out, upset that I had to go.


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