My professional opinion: Dragonball Z Kakrot

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Personally i didnt join into the dragonball fandom until i played xenoverse 2
Origionally i thought it was cringy as shit
But then i actually played it...

I was amazed at how much custamisation there was...i mean it was no ARK or other such games but it was serviceable
And the amount of skills to unlock kept me playing for a very long time to unlock it all

However...i expected much the same from kakarot...and to be honest?
My expectations were low before but....i had to color myself impressed
An open world RPG dragonball set in the Z universe

Now that is cause for excitement

I love the story
I love the characters

And the fighting is made in such a way that it can almost prefectly replicate the fights in the anime

The first fight with vegeta is difficult but not really hard

Personally i would give this one
At least

I reccomend it to anyone who enjoyed xenoverse 2

Oh and the only bug i really found
Was when yamcha and krillin were sliding while attenpting to talk to me
Krillin went off screen!

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