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"What are you looking at before you stole a kiss from me again?" Dahyun asked when their close to Jin's house.

"Nothing, I just want to kiss you."

"Unreasonable." Dahyun shook her head, they arrived to her home. She opened the gate.

"Jin hyung is at our dorm." Jungkook said.

"But the house lights are open." Dahyun said.

"Jisoo noona?"

"I guess, I'm not alone. You can already go." She smiled.

"See you next year." Jungkook frowned.

"Happy new year."

"Happy new year." Dahyun get inside and locked the gate.


TWICE celebrated Sana's birthday and on the second say, BTS celebrated Taehyung's. They already flew to LA for Jingle Ball while TWICE prapared for their last show in 2019. They're the biggest artists of the show, ASTRO attended three gayos.

"Eunwoo, oppa!" Dahyun saw him.

"O-oh, Dahyun-ah." He smiled.

"I'm glad you're attending with your group members now. Moonbin is not yet with you?" Eunwoo shook his head.

"He's still recovering, he'll be with us soon."

"I hope he's well." Dahyun smiled. "You're the MC for tonight with Yoona sunbaenim?" Dahyun asked.

"Yes, just like last year. You were not here right?"

"Yes, our performance was recorded but now we're here." Dahyun chuckled.

"The world turned, BTS will not be attending right now." Dahyun nodded. "Why aren't you the MC last KBS?"

"I'm doing it every other year, I was the MC from 2016 and last year, 2018. Maybe this 2020." Dahyun chuckled.

"I wish we'll be there again." Eunwoo chuckled.

"Good luck, oppa. It will start now, fighting." Dahyun went to TWICE member and Eunwoo smiled while she's walking away.

Artists performed and waited for New year's eve. They are all excited and greeted everyone early, Jin called Dahyun and Jisoo through video greeting them advance new year.

"Aigoo, we're 12 hours late from there. But I'm korean so I am greeting you at Korea's standard time." Jin laughed.

"I'm in Singapore right now, but I'll be greeting you too in Korea's standard time." Jisoo waved her hand and showed Blackpink members behind her, Dahyun waved at them.

"So I'm the only one left here in our country." Dahyun chuckled, she can't control herself not to be sad. But she's still trying to smile.

"We're sorry we're not there. I'll give you a link where you can watch us perform for Jingle ball." Jin said.

"Oh, they're counting now! 10 seconds left and it's finally 2020." Dahyun made her siblings hear people's count.

"10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" Everyone shouted and clapped. TWICE approached Dahyun and they made a group hug. They noticed that she's talking to her siblings over the phone, TWICE greeted Jisoo and Jin.

"I gotta go, oppa. Happy 2020! I love you both, eonni!" She said goodbye and ended the call.

TWICE saw ITZY and they bowed at them. Dahyun smiled at Yuna and approached her.

"Hey, happy new year, maknae." Dahyun greeted while holding her arm. Yuna forced a smiled to her.

"I gotta go with ITZY, sunbaenim." She said and walked away with her group.

"Sunbaenim? She's calling me eonni. What's with her?" Dahyun asked herself while looking at Yuna walking away.


TWICE are on their way to the dorm, but Dahyun said that she's going home to Jin's house. Their driver went to the direction of her home and dropped her there.

"Happy new year, eonnis! Tzuyu, Chaeyoung!" She waved her hand until the van moved away from there. She get inside the house and laid down on the couch, she's still not sleepy so she browsed through youtube seeing their videos and some suggested. "GCF? Wait. BTS? I saw something like this before." She opened the video. "Ah, Golden Closet film. It's JK. He did this." She watched the video that Jungkook directed, filmed, and edited. "How can he be so good with everything? Winter package? It's recent. Helsinki, Finland..."

Her phone suddenly rang. It's him. She answered.

"Happy new year." He said.

"Happy new year." Dahyun smiled.

"I'm sorry, I waited for 12 o'clock from there. I am supposed to message you but hyungs are watching, I can't get to my phone."

"That's fine. You're not busy right now?"

"We're at our hotel room, later we'll be practicing for Jingle ball."

"That's great."

"How are you doing? Are you home now?"

"I am, I am at the house. TWICE are at our dorm."

"What? You're alone in there?"

"Yes, and it's fine."

"You're not sleeping yet, lock doors and windows. The gate."

"Yes dad, I already did. I'm not yet sleeping, I was watching GCF then you called."


Dahyun turned the TV on and went on youtube, she played what she's watching.

"GCF? Hey, I could hear something familiar from there."

"Golden Closet Film by JK. Camera man, JK, director JK, editor JK, producer JK. Actor BTS. Wow, this video looks really nice. I love it." She could hear him chuckled from the other line.

"I just want to film from our winter package because it's a very nice place. I want to go back there with you."

"Finland? Haha, no no, it's fine. When did you filmed this?"

"First week of this month, I think."

"When you're about to cry looking at these men who stole billions of hearts then suddenly Jin oppa, Jimin sunbaenim, and JHope sunbaenim broke the drama for a while. Haha, you even said sorry. You crack heads." Jungkook laughed.

"I want to melt hearts and make everyone happy about that. I'll make a GCF, Actor Dahyun."


"Soon when I get back." He chuckled.

"Have some rest before your performance." She laid back to the couch.

"You too, get some rest now. You need enough sleep. After our performance we'll fly back there, let's meet on new year's day."

While Jungkook was saying that, Dahyun got her sleep. She didn't heard him.

"Dahyun? Still there? Are you sleeping? I'll see you then later, I'll go back quick." Jungkook hang up.

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