new kid in school

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  "GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP EMO!!" my older twin Rylan yelled "ya ya I'm up" I said, standing up about to walk but as If being tired wasn't enough life decided to shove me down. Like, literally, i got up and was walking off to my closet when my foot caught on the blanket and I was falling, but before I could reach the ground I was pulled up into strong arms " woah you should be a bit more careful" my brother said with a smirk causing me to blush He moved his face closer " why is my little kitten blushing?" He said seductively by now I was crimson and uncomfortable, I tried to wiggle out of his arms, but that just resulted in him holding onto me tighter now that our faces were just centimeters apart. I desperately kept trying to get away " stop moving or else i'll do something you won't like" he whispered at this point I was freaking out" LET ME GO!! AHH-* i was silenced with lips crashing to mine, my eyes widened holy crap my brother is kissing me omg he bit my lip making me gasp he chuckled against my lips when he pulled back he had a victorious look on his face "now will you stop moving?" he asked. Mischievously as if hoping i would try to get away again, I couldn't find the words so I just nodded lightly "good, now get your sexy ass dressed and go downstairs and wait for me so we can go to school together" he said slowly with a evil smile. I nodded he kissed me again before leaving my room. i sat on my bed just thinking about what happened ok so let me explain Rylan is my dumb older twin brother, by like four minutes and five seconds and he likes to shut me up all the time by playfully kissing me. Yes I'm used to it and It doesn't bother me. We have always been a bit flirty with each other just as play ya know but this morning i definitely wasn't expecting it.  Since it was so early, i mean don't get me wrong, i loved it i have been in love with ry since i was 14. I've never told him so…. Whatever i guess. Oh ya did i mention i'm gay, well duh...anyways i decided I needed a shower to cleanse myself from that 'incident' after my shower i got dressed and did my hair. I accessorized myself to cover my scars, I put my wrist bands on and i slipped on my plain black converse and ran down stairs and out the door to school no way in hell I'm waiting for rylan now he just has to deal with it. Once i was at school I went to my locker and got my stuff I was already late but whatever. I finished up at my locker and headed to my first hour I opened the door and got the usual yelling at then was told to take a seat I took my usual seat in the back corner and tuned out the lecture until my teacher called me " Bryson Introduce yourself to the new student." the teacher said " hey my name is Bryson i'm 17, gay, mute except when I'm forced to talk, like now or unless i'm friends with you and obsessed with music" I said without standing or looking to greet the student "that's the most he has said all year. Actually, I think that is the first full sentence he has said all year. " the teacher said a bit enthusiastic, I scoffed and pulled my phone out and putting my earbuds in when someone sat next to me.  I looked up to see a mysterious, yet beautiful guy sitting next to me he had raven black hair with red fringe swept into his face he had midnight blue and green orbs and an attractive smile he had piercings omg i'm a sucker for blue eyes and piercings!! i felt my face heat up and i instantly looked down " HI Bryson!! My name is Alexander." he said i looked up and he smile "My, you're cute" he said i blushed and looked down not saying anything, just nodding the rest of the class flew by I was about to run out of the door when i was called back by the teacher " Bryson i want you to show Alexander around seeing as he is in all of your classes ok." i just nodded and grabbed his hand and walked to my next class. the day dragged on until it was lunch time Alex sat with me (i decided i would just call him Alex because ya) and we chatted " Hey, Bry, do you have a boyfriend or anyone you like?" Alex asked suddenly "n-no boyfriend but have a new crush" i studied "oh really who?" he said, smiling oh god that smile is sexy " i-i can't tell y-you, you'll think I'm weird" i stuttered " no I, won't i think you're cute and awesome" he said, smiling i blushed " w-w-well I l-like y-y... i was about to say before I got shoved out of my seat by my brother Rylan "YOU JERK YOU LEFT ME AT HOME!!" he yelled I looked up and saw Alex looking extremely confused " uhh Bry, who is this?" alex said " my idiot twin" i said coldly " owch bry that hurt" rylan said, pulling my up into his arms " you know you love me" he said, hugging me " now I have to think about that one" " oh really?" he said, smirking "yes really" i said annoyed " fine then how about I help you" he said before kissing my neck causing my eyes to widen and push him " WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK.!?!" i screamed " you know you liked it" Rylan said winking " i know I did" alex said, smirking " perv" i say laughing " hey two twins who just happen to be the guys making out I'm alright with it" alex said laughing, my eyes widen " are you-" i was interrupted "gay?" he offered "yea" i asked " last time I checked i was " he said smiling I just blushed, then rylan decided to pick me up and set me on his lap so I was straddling him " sorry Alex you can borrow him but he is my sexy property okay?" ry said smirking Alex laughed " got it and what's your name?" "Rylan" i tried to get up, but rylan put his hands on my waist and growled " you're not going anywhere " "why not?!?!" i almost yelled "cause i don't want someone to get you, your mine" he says before planting a kiss on me " oh my god so hot" i hear Alex say I can sense the perverted look on his face. " oh shut up " i say, blushing " aww look my little kitten is blushing" ry says "kitten?" alex says " yea, ya know, since we are neko's and he is small" he says smiling " ohhhhh cool I'm gonna leave you lovebirds here, I  see a hot guy and I'm gonna go get his number kay." alex says leaving to go hit on some guy ry decides to pick me up and walk to the pe failed.

Rylan's pov

After Alex left to go get into some guy's pants I got up and picked Bry up and took him to the P.E. field, today was the day I was going tell him I loved him even if he didn't love me back. " where are we going?" bryson asks " to the bleachers on the pe field " oh ok" he says as i set him down " so why are we here?" bryson asks " because I have something to tell you...." he looks at me confused " tell me, is it bad? did someone hurt you?" he asked, worried i chuckle " no silly" " oh well then what?" he asks, confused i look down and work up the courage to blurt out what I was trying to tell him " well first, I'm gay and second, I am unconditionally and uncontrollably in love with you...." i say still looking down, he didn't say anything for a few seconds I felt hurt and tears threatened to spill out of my eyes so I decided to look up to my surprise he was crying and smiling at the same time " r-really?" he asked shaky from crying "y-yes.." i stuttering and looking down before he paced his hand under my chin lifting it so i could see him " I'm in love with you too." he whispered before gently kissing me, my tears spill out and i pull him off of the bleachers and hold his body to me "thank you." i whisper between cries he pulls away from me and wraps his arms around my neck " no thank you, I've loved you since i was 14 and i never told you because i knew you would never love me that way, guess i was wrong." he said smiling a blushing a bit " very wrong.” i said crashing my lips to his he kissed me back occasionally biting my lip making me get a bit hard so i pulled away " we better stop before i rip your clothing off. " i said " why would you do that?" he asked, confused " you keep biting my lip and it's turning me on." i say he smirks "oh really?" he says evilly " yes..." i say " your kinky aren't you." he says before crashing his lips to mine licking my bottom lip for entrance, which i gladly gave, we fought for dominance. I won this time, i bit his lip and trailed kisses down his neck earning a small moan "god that was sexy." i whispered and went back to kissing his neck this time i lightly bit his soft spot he whimpered in pleasure i was going to bit him again when the bell rang " maybe next time ok." he said hopping down from where he was sitting " see you later. " he said reaching up to kiss me he turned to walk away not before bending down to tie his shoe " you evil little shit you're teasing me with that ass aren't you?" i say walking up grabbing his waist and standing behind him " hmm maybe~. " he said smirking before running away to his next class damn him....(sorry if this chapter is a bit short and sexual but if you don't like it then don't read it. )

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