Zombies, Cards, and Acting

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Blue: And that's what happened.

Admin: That just defied logic!!

Crystal: I know!


Gold: They're breaching the fort!

Ruby: We're done for!

Admin: Where's Legend?!


Aqua: What's with the horrible poof?

Lee: Got you!

Moon: You were just pranked!

Ruby: *gasping for air*

Sapphire: *laughing her head off*

Blue: I never believed it.

Green: Right. *rolls eyes*

Legend: *comes outta nowhere* Dare time!

Admin: Why you...

Diamond: It's the return of the Admin robot!

Legend: Dares from pinkheart1!!

silver's ursering has to battle a level 100 beartic. everyone, have an intense card game.

Silver: *scoffs* Ursaring will obviously win.

-Ursaring wins-

Silver: See?

Lee: *maniacal laughter*

Legend: Uh-oh.

Moon: How bad can it be?

Lee: *gives Moon the stink eye*

Admin: Stink eye? What is this, the 1900s?!

Lee: War!

Aqua: What?

---Da time skippy---

Legend: *glares and places a queen*

Lee: *smiles and places an ace*

Admin: Are you SURE he doesn't cheat?

Zoey: This is a game of luck!! No strategy at all!!

Green: It defies logic!!

White: Deja vu anyone? No?

Black: I give!

Blue: I lost five dollars!

Crystal: Who bets on a game of War?! You know what, I give as well.

Gold: Thank you, Crystal. Thank you.

Moon: *intense stare*

Everyone: *holds breath*

Moon: *places a 2*

Everyone: *falls over*

Admin: I just acted like an anime character!

Pearl: Should we be insulted?

Red: We're manga, not anime.

Blue: We should be!

Ask Ketchum: We're awesomer.

Admin: Crossover!

Legend: Technically, he IS Pokémon.

Blue: We're awesomest.

Gold: You want some ice with that burn?

Legend: Next!


I dare them to act like their game/anime versions

Lee: Le dare has no spelling errors! *faints*

Red:... *stares at Ash awkwardly*

Ash:.... *stares at Red awkwardly then disappears*

Red: ...

Green: Yo, I'm da best!

Blue: H-Hi, it's nice to meet you.

Yellow: Hey, I don't have either!

Zoey: Isn't their a Yellow game?

Yellow: But the protagonist looks like Red!

Gold: I'm nice to everybody! *gags*

Crystal: I looovvveee Lance.

Silver: *glares*

Aqua: He's still the same.

Moon: Yup.

Ruby: *spits* You gotta a problem?

Sapphire: Hi! *squeals* How cute!

Emerald: *opens mouth*

Zoey: We know you have no counterpart. Act like Wally.

Emerald: *starts coughing*

Pearl: I'm fining you!

Diamond: Hello.

Platina: Hi-eee!

White: Sup!

Black: H-Hello...

Moon: Some of these are wrong.

Legend: Meh. Sorry 'bout long wait. See ya!

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