Mitsuba x shy! Reader

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What if,,, I posted a chapter on my first TBHK x reader book about all the gods and what they look like, how they died, their past lives and motives for becoming gods etc?
Haha jkjk,,,
Unless? 😳🥵

What if,,, I posted a chapter on my first TBHK x reader book about all the gods and what they look like, how they died, their past lives and motives for becoming gods etc? Haha jkjk,,,Unless? 😳🥵

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Requested by @hayleysirred


Your mornings were always peaceful, your day not being much different from the last. Wake up, go school, learn, talk with Aoi and Yashiro and then go home. That was it, nothing interesting and quite boring at times. That is, until Yashiro got you involved in a supernatural fight against school mystery number 6.
(I don't even think 6 has been introduced but no one else would fight hanako again so for the sake of this, we're sticking to it)
Ever since then, your days have revolved around fighting the supernatural, helping school mysteries fix their rumours and helping Yashiro and Kou clean the toilet after school.

Today in specific though, you met a new face.

As you were cleaning the mirrors, and leaning quite close so you could get every last bit of grub, a face suddenly popped up. Though it wasn't a jump scare, it was still scary how he slowly appeared, his eyes stuck on you the whole time, even as you stumbled back and fell onto the floor.

"Oh him?"
Kou laughed, offering you hand to pull you up to your feet and pull you towards the boy that now had his upper body out of the mirror and leaning on the sink.
"That's mitsuba. Mitsuba this is y/n, the girl that's been helping us with the recent incidents and rumours."

Mitsuba's pink eyes moved from the blonde haired male to you who almost instantly jumped behind your friend for cover.

"Is she shy?"
You heard mitsuba chuckle, the grumble of Kou's laughter filling your ears as you dug your steaming face into his back.

"I think so, she was like this when she met hanako and I too."

"It's true!"
Hanako suddenly cheered, pulling you off the male to put an arm around your shoulders and keep you in mitsuba's sight.
"Little y/n here didn't y'all to me until a month after our meeting."

"You say that as if it's a good thing..."
You grumbled, hanako laughing as mitsubas face lit up.

"She speaks! The queen herself has spoken!"
He teased, your face once again fuming up.
"And a pretty voice she has."

Kou, having caught onto his friend's weird behaviour, eyed mitsuba before smirking.
"That's the first time I've seen you compliment and praise someone rather than insult them, already falling for her?"

At the mention of this, you let one hand fall off your face to smack the younger Minamoto in the stomach, the male bending over to hug himself.

"I praise those who deserve it."
Mitsuba snickered.
"And shes a beauty."

Not knowing how much longer you could take of this, you sneaked out of hanakos arm and ran towards Yashiro, grabbing her hand and turning towards the three boys. The red tint on your face making mitsuba's heart flutter.

And with that, you ran out. Not giving Yashiro nor the boys to say anything.

Mitsuba laughed once you both left, both of his friends turning to him with smug smiles.

"You like her, dont you?"
Kou teased, the male not even bothering to hide that fact.

"Hey, if none of youse like her then I might as well, right?"

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