Chapter 17~Admition

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Chan and Minho decided to hangout alone, just the two of them, since it's been a long time since they've hangout. It's probably because Chan is very busy with school work and needs to take care of WooJin.

Chan was gonna order there drinks and snacks, while Minho will wait in there table.

He was listening to 'Falling For U' by SEVENTEEN's Joshua and Jeonghan. He was humming with the song as he waits, he was also scrolling thru social media, he was so relaxed and calm.

Until someone came in to make his day into dawn.

"What do you want to drink Jisung?" Minho heard a familiar voice, it sounded like Younghyun, Jisung's older brother "I don't know, I'll get a Boba milk tea I guess" Jisung said and Minho wasn't wrong, he heard Jisung, he paused the music and saw Jisung and Younghyun standing there.

He had that Ò~Ó face on, he then tried to ignore it, but part of him wanted to see what Jisung was doing, he slapped himself without knowing Chan was gonna sit down.

He was confused when he saw Minho slap himself, and then he saw Jisung and Younghyun.

"Let me guess, Jisung?" Chan asked and Minho nodded still has that Ò~Ó on. Chan just sighed and sat down waiting for there orders, Chan was chatting with WooJin while Minho tried to ignore at Jisung and Younghyun's conversation.

He kept his earphone level low, that way he could hear what Jisung and Younghyun are talking about, it might sound bad, but Minho was just a curious cat.

So far all he heard was Younghyun talking about Dowoon, while Jisung replys and laughs at Younghyun, such sibling goals, isn't it?

They finally got there orders and Minho took his Coffee.

As Minho was drinking, he felt himself getting warm. Of course, Korea's weather was really cold, but this feeling was different, it wasn't like any other.

It either because he was listening to some soft melody like songs, or it was Jisung's soft voice.

Chan snapped him out when he noticed Minho was out of his mind and was in another land, probably a world of cats, he thought.

But, then Minho was out of his mind again after hearing Jisung.

"Minho, just admit! You like Jisung" Chan said and Minho just stayed quiet "You've been listening to there conversation for like 2 minutes now and you haven't started talking even once to me when I sat down" Chan said "I'll help you don't worry, just admit you like Jisung, I'm your best friend" Chan said but Minho didn't say anything.

"How about deal with the Love Triangle first?" Minho said and Chan was annoyed that he changed the topic "Minho, this is all about you not the Love Triangle" Chan said annoyed.

Chan sighed again and after finishing there snacks, they took there drinks and went out of the café.

Chan looked at Minho, who was staring at the window where Jisung and Younghyun were. He was like a cat at the door waiting for it's owner.

Chan pulled Minho's arm and Chan put Minho in the front sit of the car and then he went in and started the car to drive all the way to Chan's house.

When they got to Chan's house, Chan pulled Minho's arm again and made him go to Chan's bedroom.

They both sat down on the floor, and started Silence. Chan was waiting until Minho admitted that he likes Jisung, but Minho just stayed silent.

Chan looked at him dissapointedly, while Minho was just looking at his annoyed best friend.

Until, he couldn't take it anymore, seeing Chan very disappointed reminded him of his mom being disappointed at him for hating Jisung.

"Okay fine I admit it...." Minho spoke and Chan lifted his head facing Minho.

"I like Jisung" Minho said and Chan was finally happy that Minho admitted it "Since when?" Chan asked and Minho rolled his eyes "Since I could remember" Minho just said, which made Chan's smile turn into a frown.

"I don't know, after a couple of months I've been having this feeling of missing Jisung and being uncomfortable without him, it's weird because I hated him for 6 months now, what's wrong with me now?"

Minho was confused and Chan being the ship maker, told Minho what feeling this was.

"The feeling you're having is 'Falling For Jisung' which means you like him, you never listen to me" Chan said and Minho finally nodded "But, I don't think he would like me back, of course because we are enemies..." Minho had nothing else to say, he didn't know other then to stay quiet.

Chan comforted him by giving him candy, which is a good way to comfort someone unless if they don't like candies then that's hard.

"Do you want me to help you confess to him?" Chan asked and Minho finally nodded.


I took a break on the whole Love Triangle thing, but maybe next chapter might be a Love Triangle and maybe the last chapter of the Love Triangle and after will be focus on Jisung and Minho.

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