Chapter 8: School Drama! Part 2

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                            Kylie's friends freeze in fear expecting Finn to lash out on them for talking about him. But his chestnut eyes go right to Kylie. The table gasps. "Kylie! Don't let him get to you. He's a creep." Kaylee dramatically protests. Kylie slightly flinches and looks at Kaylee. Apparently, Kaylee's hatred toward Finn ran deeper than her hatred for her. Kylie ignores Kaylee and looks at Finn. She still doesn't know what to say, so she takes in his features. She never realized his dark hair is a little shiny. She looks at his perfectly square jaw. The one feature that caught her eye the first time she saw him. She can't figure out why it's so familiar. Then it clicks. It's her favorite feature in Jacob too. Her distant boyfriend who's been dodging her calls and ignoring her texts. She frowns when she remembers that he acted distracted the last time they talked over the phone. And she thought she heard someone else. Finn smiles at her, but his smile instantly fades when he realizes she's no longer smiling. He cocks his head to her right cheek and sees a tear rolling down. He gently wipes it off. He pulls back quickly. Kylie looks down at her trey of food. Unlike her friends, she hasn't been able to eat much. Kylie and Finn look at her friends. They quickly look away and start talking to each other. But Jakobe briefly glares at Finn. Finn ignores it and apologizes to Kylie. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. That's something a boyfriend would do and I'm not him." Kylie quickly looks back at Finn sensing a bit of jealousy in his tone and he looks embarrassed and sad. She looks up at him as a lock of blonde hair falls out of her mermaid clip. "You probably shouldn't have, but he hasn't been much of a boyfriend lately." She sniffs and holds back a sob. She stays silent, not wanting her table or Finn to know that she and Jacob have been having problems. Finn once told her that too many people lie to him and she told him she'd always tell him the truth. But she doesn't want to tell him yet. She's not sure if it's even appropriate to tell him. 

                             Once you told someone something, there was no taking it back. Kylie found that the hard way when Jacob told her he loved her a week into their relationship. Her response was and idiotic 'thank you'. She didn't want to say that, but she didn't want to hurt him if she told him it was too soon to say that. The next day at school he said it again and she said it back. She never got the courage to tell him they started saying it too soon. That was 2 years ago. Fourteen years old is a young age to be told those three little, but very HUGE words. Since then, she's been sure to think of what she wants to say before she says it. And definitely don't share too much too soon. Something she and Finn are already experiencing. They've already spent a lot of time together and it's getting to be too much for Kylie. Finn smiles at Kylie, he notices she's frowning again; so he focuses his attention on the group. "I know you guys have no reason to trust me. But don't believe all the stories you hear." Instead of sounding angry and full of rage, what everyone expected. He almost sounded defeated. Like someone took away his capability to defend himself. He stares down at the marble granite floor and weekly mumbles. "I hope one day we can all have a conversation without fighting...." He looks up at Jakobe. Then he looks at Kaylee finishing. "Or childish bickering." Kylie and Nicholas chuckle. Finn smiles at Kylie. "I'm glad I put a smile on your face." Kaylee looks at Kylie and her brother and rolls her eyes and scowls. She doesn't understand how they can agree with Finn. 

                                 The tension is broken when the principal announces over the intercom, "Auditions will be held over the weekend for the new musical the Drama Club will be putting on this year. As requested by many students the musical will be...." There are shuffles as Mr. Sanders ruffles through papers. "It's The Little Mermaid. Auditions will be held today after school 4-8 pm and Saturday and Sunday 1 pm-4 pm in the auditorium." The cafeteria erupts into cheers. Kylie jumps a little from the students cheering. Finn smiles at her. Finn leans down at Kylie and whispers over the loud screaming and conversations. "I told you it was your favorite Disney movie." He says. He looks at Nicholas sitting to the left of Kylie and nods at him and smiles. "Hi." The cafeteria slowly begins to quiet down and goes back to normal. Jakobe looks at Finn, who is focusing on Kylie. "Finn, aren't you supposed to be over there with your new friends." Jakobe says. Kylie looks at Jakobe and rolls her eyes, sensing a bit of bitterness in his voice. "It's fine Jakobe." She looks at her brother next to her. "It's okay. Everyone can just chill. He's my friend, you guys can bud out if you don't want to see us together." Kylie's words flow out before she can think. She looks at Finn slightly embarrassed. "Sorry about that. I meant as friends. Not as a couple." Kylie embarrassingly looks at her friends staring at them. "You should try out. You have a great voice. And I know you can act, when you told me about the plays you were in back in West Virginia; I may have looked them up on YouTube and I found your school's YouTube channel." Kaylee looks at Kylie. "Wow. He really likes you. It's pathetic." Kylie and Finn look at Kylie, their cheeks flushed a little from embarrassment. Kaylee notices she accidentally said something out loud she didn't mean to. AGAIN. 

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