Chapter 8: School Drama! Part 1

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                Kylie, Nicholas, Kaylee, Jakobe, and Brian are enjoying their lunch in the cafeteria talking about the upcoming 2-week break. Jakobe and Brian talk about what they typically do for their break. Since their parents and grandparents aren't alive; they usually go to Jindabyne and visit their aunt and celebrate a typical Australian Christmas. Eating Christmas lunch, playing cricket, and taking a dip in their aunts' indoor pool. Sometimes they take part in watching the big Cricket match after Christmas. Known as the Boxing Day Test match. When Kylie first heard them mention Jindabyne, they called it Jindy and she thought it was a person, but it's a town about 5 hours from Sydney. It's one of the few places in Aussie that snows. It's located in the Snowy Mountains in south-east New South Wales, Australia. Kylie and Nicholas found it weird at first when Kaylee and her mom Brianna told them what Australian's usually do during Christmas. But it makes sense due to the consistent warm weather. Kaylee and her mom usually celebrate it like Americans do with a Turkey or Ham and warm foods and occasionally they go to Jindy for a few days. But usually, they just stay home and watch Christmas movies because Kaylee's mom still gets depressed from not having any family to be around. His parents never come to visit and she doesn't have the money to get plane tickets to visit her hometown in Florida. But this year Kaylee said it'll be different. Kaylee looks at Kylie and Nicholas. "Unfortunately, my mom really likes your dad. So, I think we have to deal with each other. I've never seen her this happy. She said she may even want to go to Jindabyne. " Kaylee rolls her eyes. She hates the cold and hates outside activities. "We haven't been there for years. Since here last serious boyfriend. But he didn't like me." Kylie looks at Kaylee. "Yeah. I think our dad is happy too. He hasn't taken anyone out to dinner and a movie for a long time." Kylie stares at her plate of food. She pokes her baked potato. Nicholas looks up from his drink. "Do you think dad will let us go to Jindy? It sounds like fun. And I miss home. And it kinda sounds like home." Kylie shrugs. 

                    She looks down at her phone and sees she got a new message. She picks up her phone and texts the person back. "I'm not sure. And I miss home too." She looks around the cafeteria and she locks eyes with Finn. She smiles and he smiles back. Brian looks at Kylie and smiles flirtatiously. "Yeah. You totally should. I could show you around. I'd be like your PERSONAL tour guide." He says enunciating as he says 'personal'. He reaches across the table and tries to reach for Kylie's hand, but she's still texting, so he quickly pulls away. She looks down and realizes what he was doing. She looks around at her friends and they all are smirking. Except for Kaylee. For possibly this one time, she agrees with Kaylee. Everyone thinks it's hilarious when Brian flirts with her, but Kaylee never thinks it's funny. Granted she doesn't like it when he flirts with her for a different reason than her, but still, they still are on the same side during this issue. Kylie looks at Kaylee sitting next to Brian as she's looking at Brian admiring him. Kylie still feels bad that she outed Kaylee's feelings toward Brian in front of him days ago. But she couldn't take Kaylee's attitude. Kaylee looks across the table at Kylie and is caught off guard by Kylie's expression. She looks at Brian next to her. He's watching Kylie. Kaylee huffs. Kylie pokes her Green Beans not being able to eat while someone is staring at her. Brian winks at Kylie. Kylie shifts uncomfortably as everyone is chomping down on their lunch. Kaylee smiles satisfied that Kylie finally felt uncomfortable. She picks up a forkful of green beans and places it down. She hasn't been able to eat much since her transformation 5 days ago. Brian looks at her. "Yeah, I know they are taste terrible. I'll share my peaches with you." He says patting the space between him and his brother. Jakobe looks at Brian. "There's no room here." Kylie looks at Kaylee's expression. "Stop flirting with her. Don't you understand that I'm the one who likes you." Kaylee mumbles. By her friends reaction, they heard her. She looks to the left of her. Brian's cheeks are flushed and he looks down at his food, suddenly quit. She looks at everyone else around her. Jakobe, Kylie, and Nicholas are staring at her. Kaylee's heart is pounding fast as Brian slowly shifts his glance to her. She shyly looks away and tucks a lock of dark brown hair behind her ear. She nervously laughs. "I don't know why I said that." Brian shyly smiles at her. She continues staring at the trash can feet away from her focusing on whatever she can to avoid Brian. She thought she saw him smile out of her peripheral vision, but she's not sure. Despite the nervousness of sitting next to him after what she said. Maybe it wasn't a bad thing that she spoke louder than she wanted to. Her feelings are finally said by her and not Kylie, what will he think? 

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