#9 regretful night stand

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"Bro I swear it wasn't me", Neymar said as I held the phone up to my ear, letting out a big sigh.

"I know", I mumbled. "What am I going to do bro? She's going to be so pissed it's out".

"You can't really do anything but try to find out who talked bro, that shit's just wrong", he said before he paused. "You don't think it was Gi-".

I frowned knowing he would jump straight to her. "No I don't think it was her", I said cutting him off a little angrily but I tried not to show it. "She wouldn't do this shit".

"I'm just saying bro, I know she's your friend and all but she's quite new in your life, you don't know what she wants from you", he said as I thought. "Listen to me, I have experienced people I thought I could tell anything to go and run and sell a story on me for a little money, you will learn that the hard way or listen to me".

I sighed, rubbing my head. Of course I didn't think it was Giovanna who blabbed, I mean, she had no reason to, right?

Hearing footsteps behind me, I saw Sav half asleep walking out the bedroom. "Shit bro I've got to go, I'll see you tomorrow".

Quickly hanging up the phone without waiting for a reply I put my phone on the table and smiled at Sav. She looked so cute in her little pyjamas and messy hair as she leant down giving me a kiss. "Who were you talking to?".

Shit. "Ney".

"Oh", she said brushing it off. Oh thank fuck she didn't ask anything else. "I'm hungry".

"Sit down I'll make you breakfast", I said as she thanked me before sitting down at the table and pressing her hand against her head. "You good?".

"I think I have a hangover", she mumbled closing her eyes making me laugh.

"That's usually what happens when you drink", I chuckled as she gave me an unimpressed look. "Despite the headache, did you have a good night?".

"Yeah, I loved it thank you", she managed to pull her lips into a small smile making me smile as I plated up her waffles and syrup which I knew she loved before I frowned remembering I had to tell her the shit news. Sitting down next to her at the table, I sighed as she stuffed her face with waffles. Damn.

"Have you checked your phone today?", I asked her.

"No why?", she frowned.

I looked at her before letting out a breathe. "Because..."

"Because what?", she said. "What's happened?".

I scratched my head. I was actually scared of her going mad. "Some new's has got out, to the papers, I don't know how or who told them but, basically someone has talked about you being pregnant".

Looking at me for a few seconds, I saw a small frown appear on her face before she put her cutlery down and I grabbed her hand. "Really?".

I nodded. "Yeah sorry, I read all the papers this morning, it's on the front page of nearly every article. I'm so sorry Sav I know you didn't want it out there and neither did I but I don't know who would have talked".

"I do", she mumbled as I internally rolled my eyes. I should have know her head would go straight to Giovanna. I only assumed Sav was alright with her now I cleared the air yesterday but evidently not.

"Savanna, don't", I sighed. "I know she wouldn't do something like this, she has no reason to".

"Money, fame, you", she said a little angrily. "Was that enough reasons or should I name more? You've known her for what, about two months Kylian? You don't know what she wants from you".

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