Chapter 1

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Phoenix POV :

"What did you do today nixie?" My mother smiles at me, I've always admired her smile, her perfectly white teeth the glimmered in the light, she shuts the front door of our home, and sets her bag down.

" oh I've done nothing really " a hint Irish accent,but almost completely English accent, coming through, having my father being Irish and living in England 6 months of the year really rubbed off on me .

She doesn't  like the fact that I sound like my father, having to see and hear me gives her too much of a reminder of her ex-husband. I would never blame her I understand how hard it is for her.

I avoid telling her about the subject of me starting college in the next few days, although she's more then overjoyed that I chose a college here in the us, rather then a university in England with my father.

She hates the fact that I'm going to college in general, she'd much rather me stay at home and become a housewife like her, to then marry my step dads business associates son, whom I've never met and don't plan to in order for there business to merge.

I would never disrespect my mother and say these things to her to avoid hurting her and making her feel ashamed in the way she raised me, but that's not what I want, I want to go to college to experience it, to wake up meet my friends- well I'd have to make friends in order to meet them, none of the girls from my church will be going to college but that's the whole point in it.

"Phoenix are you even listening to me?!" I'm shocked out of my thought by my mother waving her hand towards me
"Have you seen your dad? He should have been back from work by now?"

"Oh sorry I didn't mean to space out on you like that and yes he's up stairs in his study, he came back.." I didn't get to finish my sentence as she was already strutting her red bottomed heels across the marble floor and up the stairs To her husband. My mother  insisted I call him dad since I was 7 I never minded Chris he is the nicest man I've ever met and treats me as if I'm his own flesh and blood.

I decide to go take a nap before dinner to clear my head from all these college thought and relieve the stress that I've had pent up by a well deserved nap.

By the time I wake up i check my phone to see it's 5:07 pm hmm why hasn't anyone called me for dinner as I get up I look outside my window to see my dads car gone oh so they left without me, they probably went out to dinner and didn't want to disturb my nap.

I go up to my room grab my purse, a cardigan,since it's not that cold out only a little windy, and my flat shoes with a blue bow at the front to match my knee length baby blue dress and stuff phone into my purse.

As I get outside I decide to take a short walk down the street towards town, people are out around town, couples walking towards the movies hand in hand and kids giggling with there parents, part of me wishes that I experienced a childhood like that, a husband and wife that would do anything for eachother and not leave when things get a little tough and decides to leave for a man with a bigger bank account, I shouldn't think like that, god forgave my mother and so did I, years ago, I clutch the gold chain around my neck with our lady on it and send a quick prayer to her.

I head towards towards the towns sports stadium where all high school games occur, I always enjoyed high school games, the way the whole town would come together and celebrate the high schools sports program.

As I head towards the bleachers I look down to my purse to grab my book that I put in before I left the house, I'm shuffling through my purse starting to grow frustrated, it seems I've forgotten my book, I've came all the way only to turn around and make my journey back to the house, how could I be so careless tears of frustration come to eyes before I can stop them, I've always been so emotional, the tiniest things can set me-oof. And then I'm falling, it's ironic really because at that moment I didn't know that I was indeed falling but not to the ground.

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