author's note :')

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hi guys !!

i cant believe we're done oh my gosh. its been almost six months since ive started this book, and we've surpassed one hundred thousand reads? oh my god. one. hundred. thousand. i thought i could only dream.

i love you all so much, for sticking through with my terrible writing and my horrible grammar and spelling mistakes. thank you so so much for everything you guys have done for me, for making me feel talented for even a fragment of a second.

i literally cannot believe i completed two whole imagine books on here- when i started i barely thought i could do one. but here i am, with another one still in the works and a new one going up in a bit.

i love you all so much, i dont even know how to express that in any other way. any one who's even given my garbage a chance- oh my god, i love you, you have no idea.

anyways, thank you to all of you and to the twins for always being here for me, and for always being a reason to wake up. 

i love you so much xx

- vi <3

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