Chapter 1

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Chapter One

With music playing in the background, I move my hips with it, closing my eyes as I let my body take over. The music is upbeat and while I can't do the whole routine as I am by myself in the dance studio, I move through the moves I can do just pretending someone is there.

I had woken this morning feeling on edge and had quickly changed and came down here, needing something to relax me.

Knowing that while I am telling myself that the reason I am on edge is that I've been filming with Trevor Denver for the last few weeks and we haven't gone a day without snapping at each other or having some stupid argument, I know that isn't entirely the reason.

No, the thought that has had me having a restless night and feeling on edge has to do with the scene we are filming today. The director, Tony, seems to be on the thought process that delaying the big magical first kiss of Trevor and me on-screen will make it more realistic and filled with passion.

Honestly, I hate to admit it, but Kylie, my best friend, is onto something. She's been going on for months on end about how Trevor and I can't seem to have a normal conversation because there is too much sexual tension and we don't know what to do with it. I honestly don't know what he's thinking, but I am not afraid to admit he is insanely handsome and I can't keep a clean thought in my head when I see him. However, the moment he opens his mouth, he seems to rile me up like no tomorrow.

I fully admit that I can be short-tempered and have very little patience sometimes, but with Trevor, it's honestly like I have no patience what so ever and neither does he. Having spent the last month, which has been filled with script readings, rehearsals and eventually filming, neither of us have had an actual conversation. Nope, not one. We are either ignoring each other, arguing or running through our lines together.

Trevor himself is an amazing actor. I knew it from the first time we read lines together last year, yet I hadn't got the part because he made such a fuss and told the producers he wouldn't take the part if I was on-screen with him. I had only been in a couple of things back then and I wasn't surprised they picked him. Of course, the tables were turned this time. Trevor's latest film was a total box office bust. Suddenly people were claiming he had lost his talent and it was the start of the end.

Nonetheless, we had both got a call back for this film about a young heiress trying to make it in broadway yet ends up falling for a bad boy and this time I had gotten the place after my first reading. Trevor had taken a few more months to get cast. The crew had made it clear to me that they had wanted him for the role of my love interest and despite our arguments and snapping at each other, they had insisted it would make the sexual tension between our characters more realistic. They'd even told me it was up to me. I could have refused and they'd find someone else, yet it was clear they wanted Trevor.

After all the things that have been said about his last movie, I felt kind of bad for him and I've always been amazed to watch him in action, seeing how he can really get into character. Plus, refusing to be petty about the fact he had got me kicked off the last film, I decided to be the bigger person and said I'd give it a go with him.

I was half hoping he'd just turn down the role, but barely twenty-four hours after me agreeing to bring him on, my manager had phoned to tell me he'd got the part.

That's how it leads to this, me at the gym at seven in the morning. The fact that today is our big first on-screen kiss has me more nervous than I care to admit. I can tell that will be the moment I will be able to tell just how much truth there is to Grant's, a friend of Trevor's that I have become friendly with, and Kylie's theory, both seeming determined to get us together.

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