Chapter Eight

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I took a deep breath, this had a lot to do with my parents and, I knew by the end of my story, my eyes would definitely not be dry. ‘Erm… Ok, my parents were like, really in love. I know a lot of people say that, but it was so true in this case, fifteen years later and they still used to kiss and cuddle and do all the normal cutesy stuff. But, there was one thing they used to argue about.

‘It wasn’t anything normal, like allowing me to wear make-up, wear short skirts, things like that, it was something that, at my age, I didn’t think was very significant…’ Here, I took a deep breath, before continuing.

‘My dad used to love showing me magic tricks. He pulled coins out of my ear, pulled ropes out of his pocket, things like that, which I used to love when I was younger.

‘As I got older, I started wanting to do them myself. It was only natural, I guess. My curiosity drove me to seek out my dad after school one day. He was in the living room with my mum, and they were watching TV on the sofa. That was… that was the day they started arguing, I guess…

‘I remember standing in front of the TV, and I asked my dad, “Hey, can you teach me how to do that fire thing?” –because he had a special, signature move, which included holding a flame in his palm. He asked me to pour water over it, touch it, everything, and nothing would put it out. It didn’t even burn my fingers when I put them through it, just felt like… cold air, I guess. He used to tell me it was because my innocence protected me, but that was just some kind of excuse to keep me from asking questions, I think. I was always cynical, even at my age then.

‘Anyway, I asked him to teach me it, and my mum got this look on her face, kind of shocked, and angry. She turned to him, with Friends still playing on the T.V, and started shouting things like, “you promised me!! I told you never to do that! I trusted you!’’

‘He didn’t get angry, in fact, I remember him calmly turning off the TV first, before turning to me and asking me to leave. I did, I was so shocked that they were arguing, I didn’t even bother to argue back or anything.

‘I remember my mum starting again before I could properly leave, saying “You promised me you’d only do card tricks-things anyone could do!”

‘That was the first time they had argued, and it wasn’t the last. Two hours later, and I was lying in bed hearing their raised voices float into my room. It was horrific.’

Simona’s sympathetic face materialized in front of my face and I realised I’d spaced out. ‘What happened after that?’

‘I…’ It took me a while to recollect myself. ‘They… they argued a lot… I used to sneak around them from then on. But my dad still did the magic tricks, I think he got a lot of happiness from it… he used to be really unhappy with his job and everything, and for once, he had something to do that he really enjoyed,y’know?’

I sighed, ‘But, one of the things that really gets me is that they never got to make up before the fire. They were really happy together, despite the arguments, and I would have liked for them to forgive and forget and all that…’

Suddenly, I felt tired… tired of hating myself for surviving when they didn’t, tired of dreading the day I had to return to my aunt’s house, tired of everything.

‘Hey, Eve, maybe… have you ever thought that your dad was a wizard?’

‘A what?’ Simona’s question distracted me from my inner musing.

‘Wizard. Y’know… sometimes, when wizards, or magical folk in general, marry humans, they have to give up magic to blend in with the other humans, or for another reason, and… yeah, do you think your dad did that to live with your mum?’


‘Oh, I’m sorry, if you don’t want to talk about it I’ll…’ she was now lying in her bed, the floor was clear and there was no sign of the strange activity she had partaken in just moments ago.

‘No! It’s ok, I was just surprised… that’s all…’ I wondered whether to tell her… ‘Actually, I was surprised that you had gotten that idea. I think… deep down, I had thought that too…’

‘Really?’ Simona’s voice was breathless with sudden excitement. ‘Are you like… psychologically scarred? Do you need me to council you?’

I winced in the almost darkness. ‘No!’ I denied, ‘I didn’t think he was a wizard, I mean…’ I stopped myself from scoffing at the ridiculousness at the last moment. ‘I didn’t think he was a Wizard, I just thought there was something that my mum didn’t want him to do…’ I muttered, embarrassed. Now I think about it, it was an awfully feeble excuse for something I spent my younger years worrying about.


‘Yeah.’ There was a comfortable silence. ‘Erm, Simona?’

‘Yep!’ she perked.

‘I’m sorry but… I still don’t really believe in wizards and… magic… and stuff...’ I admitted quietly.

‘Oh, that’s ok…’ she replied. ‘We’ll see what you still think tomorrow.’ I shivered at the promise in her voice.


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