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The hotel manager doesn’t seem as calm and collected as she was yesterday. He smiles upon seeing her red puffy eyes. "You kidnapped my nephew," she points an accusing finger at him.

"Nothing will happen to him if you give me what I want."

"I’ll lose my job."

"What’s more important? Nephew or job?"

"I cant do this. If there’s an investigation, they’ll ask for the footage."

"Make a choice. And please bring that of yesterday, too. I can't be seen with Emma."

He watches a she slowly gets up, goes out of the room. She reappears with hard copies of the footage.

"I hope you don’t have copies because that boy will surely die."

He puts them in his briefcase. "Your boy will be at his school in less than an hour."

He is going to deny ever meeting Emma on fourteenth. This case might taint his reputation but he won’t lose much.

He will sue her for defamation.

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