"No" he pouts "it's cute"

Did he just.. call me cute?

"Come on guys let's go see the penguins!" He says as he leads the way without me saying another word.

When we get to the penguin section I instantly feel tears merging my eyes as I look at them with admiration.

The love I have for these little animals is unreal.

"Are you crying?" I hear from behind me and look to see Harry.

"No" I shrug.

"Yes you are" he giggles.

"No" I repeat and turn back around and look at the penguins swimming about.

"Hey Kate!" Mia speaks.

"Yeah?" I reply now looking at her.

"Turn around so I can get a picture of you Harry and Niall" she smiles.

She's changed her tune from earlier.. I wonder what was up with her.

I turn around and stand by the glass of the penguin area and Harry and Niall both come and join me, each wrapping an arm around my waist as I wrap my arms around each of their backs.

"Smile!" Mia announces and we obey.

"Aw look! The penguin got in on the back too!" Mia smiles as she shows us the picture.

"Aw! That's a cute picture" I gush.

I walk back over to the glass and look through, looking at the penguins swimming about again.

I decide to pull out my phone and take a few pictures of them.

I always seem to do that when I go the zoo.

I always end up going home with about 1000 pictures of penguins in my photo album.

"Hey! Take a selfie" Harry speaks to me, causing me to laugh, we both turn around so we can get in a penguin and we smile as the picture gets taken.

"Hey! Let's get a group one!" Niall suggests.

"Fine come on then" Harry laughs.

I move and Harry stands next to me along with Mia and Niall behind me in a line, we all smile when the picture gets taken and decide to move on to the Monkey's.

"I don't want to go" I whine as I look back into the pool full of penguins.

"Come on!" Niall laughs.

"No" I pout.

I feel two arms being wrapped around my waist and then I'm launched up into the sky and huddled against someone's chest.

I look up and see Harry.

"What are you doing?" I laugh.

"I figured you wouldn't budge so there was no other way to keep you with us except this" he shrugs as he carry's my body.

"How the hell can you carry me?" I laugh against his chest.

"Because your light as a feather" he giggles.

"Your joking aren't you? I'm about the weight of an elephant" I chuckle.

"No come on, your like a feather Kate" he argues.

"Thanks I guess" I laugh into his chest.

"Ahh! No!" I hear Niall screaming.

What the hell is up with him?

I turn my head and see Niall being chased by a free ostrich.

I look around to see where Mia is, but she's standing near by, recording the whole thing.

It would happen to him wouldn't it.

"You can't have any of my sweets!" Niall announces to the ostrich.

"We all wanted to go and see the monkey's last and we ended up seeing Niall being chased by an ostrich" Harry giggles and puts me down on my feet.

We've had a great day today, and to top it off.

Niall gets chased by an ostrich.



I feel like this was a terrible update🌚

I apologise if it is.

It's Christmas Eve!😊⭐️

Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas ✌️

Lots of love.

-Shauna xoxo

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