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Yashiro opened the door, almost falling to the floor when it opened so fast. The place where she was at seemed like her school so she cheered. A small gasp caught her attention, she looked to a corner to see Hanako in the boy's school uniform.

"Hanako-kun? What happened to you? Are you hurt?" She ran up to him checking his white bandages and cuts. The boy was overwhelmed with confusion as he didn't know her yet felt so familiar.

She looked at his face "Hanako-kun... Were you crying?"

"I..." He quickly grabbed his things before running out of the classroom "Goodbye!"

His bag dropped small golden keys with a space themed charm. "Hanako-kun!" Yashiro followed her friend out of the classroom but after a few twists and turns lost sight of him. What had happened with Hanako? Why did he look hurt?

"Foooound you!" The ghost's voice was heard once again and his hakujoudai emitted some sort of smoke that covered part of her vision. She gasped "Wait! I haven't-!"

- - - - -

200 words, edited.

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