Epilogue-Deja Vu

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Déjà Vu

Wynters’ POV

“There you go buddy. You’ll be better in no time.” I say softly and scratch the old dogs head making his wet tongue flop out.

I chuckle and pick him up off the examination table before leaving the room. Doctor Garcia, my old music teacher’s husband, smiles at me as I pass him in the halls. I nod back and continue on my way to the recovery room. Opening the bottom cage I kneel down and gently place the old dog on the soft bed before making sure his leg cast isn’t caught on anything.

“Your mommy and daddy will be here for you soon.” I say and pat his head before closing the cage door and standing up.

“Wynter, I need your opinion on this.” Dr. Garcia calls from the x-ray room. I walk in and he nods at the pictures. Walking over I take a close look at the pictures of the brain, cat or a small dog I'm guessing from the size.

“It looks like a tumor to me.” I say and trace the white blob on the screen.

“Yes very good Wynter. This is a dog, Shih-Tzu, which comes here regularly. This is a newly developed tumor that can spread quickly. We’re going to need to operate.” He says with a sigh as he pulls the x-rays out the holder.

“Today?” I ask and look at my watch. It’s already almost 5 and I need to pick up the kids.

“No it won’t be today. We need to schedule it and see if the owners can afford it, if not all at once then with a payment plan. Don’t worry, you can leave now.” He chuckles and pats my back.

“Thanks Dr. Garcia, I have to get the kids and make dinner.” I sigh and pull off my gloves and hair net.

“No need to thank me. Tell those kids I said hi!” He says as I clock out.

“I will. Have a good night everyone!” I say loudly as I walk out.

“BYE WYNTER!” They scream making me chuckle.

I climb into my car and turn it on quickly. As I drive off I buckle my seatbelt before sighing. My feet and back are killing me from standing up on a 12 hour shift. Luckily I have the next four days off since it the weekend and then I'm taking two days off because I can. I yawn and rub my eyes quickly before pulling out my phone when it starts ringing in my pocket.

“Hello?” I answer without looking at the caller ID.

“Pup, are you still at the clinic?” Papa asks softly.

“No I'm on my way there now. Why did something happen?” I ask worriedly.

“What have I told you about talking on the phone? You’ll see when you get here.” He sighs and hangs up.

“Damn it.” I swear and put the phone on my lap while cutting everyone off quickly.

They all honk their horns and I just flip them off before speeding up again. When I reach the town I sigh in relief when the traffic thins to only a few cars. I pull onto the dirt road leading towards the pack house. Before I reach the main dirt road I go off road and pull to a stop in front of papa and daddy’s private house and quickly jump up.

“What happened?!” I ask while running through the door.

“Check for yourself.” Daddy says and points over his shoulder and towards the family room making me quickly jog over.

“OH MY GOD!” I scream and run over to CJ (Colton James) who is sporting a horrible black eye.

“Hi mommy!” He says happily.

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