A Date With A Vampire (Short Reads)

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Prue watched her best friend's face fall and she exclaimed, "Oh man, you really like him!"

Wendy nodded, falling back on the couch she was sitting on and covered her face with a blanket from her perceptive friend--who wasn't being helpful at all.

"Wait, he calls you a 'Rabbit', like, seriously?" Prue snickered. "Actually, you do look like a rabbit--"

Launching herself off from the sofa, Wendy snatched the phone from her friend's grasp. Her face turned bright red as she turned it off and stuffed it into the pyjama pocket.

"That is personal," Wendy said, increasing the volume of the TV to drown out her friend's teasing voice. She had shown him one of her Halloween costumes where she was dressed up as the White Rabbit, hence the nickname.

Wendy was beautiful, in a non-traditional way. She had a round face, grey eyes that somehow contrasted nicely with her brown hair and petite figure.

"I think its cute," Prue shouted, her shrill tone rivalling the music that was blasting from the TV, "I think you should meet him!"

"What!" Wendy asked, surprised by the suggestion. "No blocking or reporting his profile?"

Prue rolled her eyes, "That guy is playing you and its better to rip the band-aid off fast to get over the pain. Meet him, prove yourself if he is some paranormal creep."

Wendy's heart beat fast, different scenarios playing in her head. What would they talk about? It was illogical to think about the paranormal, although Wendy did believe in them to an extent. Ghosts? Fairies? They could be true. But a 'Vampire' did seemfar fetched.

"Will you be there?" Wendy asked timidly, scared about meeting him already. What if he found her boring? She had turned into an anxious mess.

"The entire school will be there. Here's how you're gonna meet him." Prue's eyes shined with wicked determination.


House parties were not the norm for Wendy. Her personality leaning more towards introversion, she preferred small parties - her and her friends at a restaurant, or at home watching chick flicks.

Yet there she was, wearing an off-shoulder top and ripped jeans. Her dark hair was pulled back to a ponytail, and she had out on flat sandals which glided smoothly on the ground. The sandals were Prue's idea, in case she had to run away from the 'vampire'.

Nervousness held Wendy's body in a tight grip. Tyke had been enthusiastic at her invitation to the high school party, understanding of her fear of meeting him alone on their first date (His words).

The house had been transformed into a club. Living room turned into a dance floor, the smell of alcohol permeating in the house and loud music vibrating the floor.

"Let's go have a drink!" Prue, who was decked out in the shortest dress she owned, dragged her friend to the kitchen, where the football team were practising their bartending skills.

One of the guys looked surprised at seeing them and offered to make them some exotic drink. Prue shook her head and grabbed a bottle of beer for herself.

It was 7:50, and Wendy was anxious, almost wanting to call off everything and run home.

"Gotta go pee!" Prue whisper-shouted in Wendy's ear, "Come with?"

The silence was welcoming as they both walked away from the loud music, passing a few couples in the hallway who were making out. Wendy received a message from Tyke: See you in 5, I'm almost there. Prue rushed into the bathroom and Wendy stood outside the door, unaware of the approaching danger.

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