Seeing Double Chapter 2

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“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” I said. I lifted my head and I was staring right into the person I knocked into. Whoever he was, he had really beautiful iris-colored eyes.

I snapped out of it and apologized again,” I’m really sorry,”

He smiled, ”It’s okay, do you happen to be Iris Summers?” Huh? He knows my name. How? He’s smile is really wow. Wait stop it! Answer him!

“Um…That’s me,” I responded

“You sure have one hard head, Iris,” He laughed rubbing his chin, “I’m Jake. I’m supposed to lead you to class.”

“Oh um… nice to meet you” I replied still rubbing my forehead. I stared at Jake for a moment; he had brownish-blonde hair which really goes well with his eyes. Wait, snap out of it! I turned away, turning a little red.

“Aww… you’re so cute when you’re blushing” Jake said, moving his face closer to mine.

“I am not!” I retorted, my face turning into a darker shade of red.

Jake chuckled, ”You’re one cute girl.” I turned to look at Jake. Did he just say I was cute?

Jake grinned started pulling me from the wrist dragging me along.”Come on! We’re gonna be late if we don’t hurry you know,”

I stumbled countless times, “Hey I can walk on my own you know!”

Jake either didn’t hear me or ignored me. “Hey…” I tried to increase my volume. “Jake!”

Was I too soft ? I struggled but he didn’t stop. He was ignoring me.

I tried kicked him in the back of the knee.

“Oww…” Jake complained then let go of me.

“I told you, I.can.walk” I said sticking my tongue out.

“You are cute but kicks like a guy,” Jake grimaced at the pain. I felt my face heating up again.

“And you like blush a lot too, is there anything I’m missing out?” Jake said, staring straight at me.

“W-we’re gonna be late…come on lead the way…” I muttered.

Jake chuckled. “We’re here already.” He said pointing to one of the classrooms’ door. “He’s Mr Bailey, he’s a little young and immature sometimes but just don’t fall for him once you see him, kay?” He said giving a big smile.

I stared at Jake. Fall for Mr Bailey? Bailey sounds like a girl’s name. I walked into class and stared at Mr Bailey.


“Hey~! So you’re Summers? Iris Summers ?” He asked.

I nodded.

He glances at the clock, “You both are kinda late,” he looked at us again, “something happened?”

I shook my head. “Nothing happened Mr B!” Jake said.

Wow, did Jake just say Mr B?

Mr Bailey turned to me and said, “I’m Mr Bailey, don’t ever be late again, kay?” Then he gave us a really cute smile. Wow.

I nodded

“But first of all why don’t you introduce yourself to the class?” Mr Bailey continued, “Yo Carter! Thanks! You can sit now”

Jake tapped me on the shoulder and signaled me to introduce before going back to his place. I stepped in front of the class.

I took a deep breath before introducing, “Um. Hi I’m Iris Summers, I used to live here till my parents wanted a new environment then we moved to New York for a while but now I moved back,” I stopped and turn to look at Mr Bailey.

 “Okay now to get on with the introduction. Class she’s Iris, Iris this is class. So Iris you’ll sit next to Jake, kay? And now back to the pop quiz…” Mr Bailey continued.

I went to my new seat with Jake smiling and waving at me. “Hey its page 47 in the textbook” Jake whispered.

“Thanks” I replied.

One weird thing was there were only two girls in our class. One was emo and the other geek. Great I could really fit in…The class were made up of 99% guys. And 90% of those guys were cute.

I turned back to look at the class again. Yeap there were only 2 girls, now there’s 3. The rest of the guys were either sleeping behind their textbooks or taking glances at me. I quickly turned back. Okay note to self, guys here are weird.  

I took out a small note book from my bag and started writing down notes. After half the period, I couldn’t help but to sketch some anime and stuff onto my notebook.

Mr Bailey is cute but well, i guess history wasn't my thing...


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