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It will take a while for me to update this story since I wanna get working on my other ones but soon I'll start it properly.

Your world was dark. Dark but not empty. Unlike others, you had not lost consciousness no matter how much you gave up on trying to hold onto the string that kept you alive. It was as if you weren't allowed to die, as if your future was important, as if your life would be anything other than sitting in the dark void that was provided to you after you got given a flash of light.

It was as if an angel appeared and then dipped.

Still, you continued on wasting your time. Your thoughts being meaningless with memes, vines and music. You rethought your favourite movies, created new endings of your favourite books, sang songs you loved and remade vines.

You only craved death by now.

Then again, you craved death ever since they shut down vines.

Alas, life was unfair and just as you were beginning to drift away, to lose consciousness, a crack rang in your ears.

"Wake up my child."
A rather deep voice called, however you only replied with a groan.

"Five more minutes."
You groaned.
"I was so close to sleeping old man."

In front of you stood an old male, a young boy around your age hiding behind his rather round belly.

"Did you see that chrome?"
The man asked the boy softly before throwing a cape-like cloth over your bare body.

The boy known as chrome nodded, his dark brown hair swaying with the movement.

"Bring her the berries."
The man instructed, the young boy instantly responding by moving closer to you and motioning a plate full of colourful blue berries and raspberries.

"For you."
He smiled.

You eyed the plate for a second before finally accepting it, taking one of the blue orbs and throwing it into your mouth before quickly taking the rest once confirmed safe.

"Come on chrome, let's get her to the village."
He smiled, picking you up carefully as the young boy followed you both out.

Your eyes meeting almost the entire way as you stared at him over the shoulder of the man.

An energetic voice called out, your movements to clean your spear stopping as you turned your head just in time to see a very familiar brown haired male toss his arms around you.

You chuckled, patting his back before pulling away.
"What's got you so excited?"
You laughed.

The male shrugged before throwing an arm around your shoulders, deciding a little walk around the village with you wouldn't hurt.
"Just wanted to hang out, thats all."

An amused smile appeared on your lips. This was your shift to keep the town safe but you could most definitely do that with chrome.

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